Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Children and Young People’s Service, Capital investment in schools19/11/2021For Determination19/04/2022
Outbreak Management Peer Challenge19/11/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Children and Young People’s Service, Schools Condition Capital Programme 2022/2319/11/2021For Determination31/05/2022
Children and Young People’s Service, Planning of School Places - Basic Need Capital Programme 2022/2519/11/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Closure proposal for Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School19/11/2021For Determination31/05/2022
Harrogate Grove Road and Woodfield Community Primary Schools19/11/2021For Determination22/02/2022
Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School19/11/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Welburn Hall - outcome of public consultation15/11/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Review of Special educational needs and disabilities provision - Approval to go out to public consultation15/11/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Settlement Agreement - Joint Insurance Cost15/11/2021For Determination13/12/2021
Outdoor Learning Service fees 2022/2312/11/2021For Determination01/02/2022
Music Service Fees 2022/2312/11/2021For Determination01/02/2022
Post 16 contribution charge for the 2022/23 academic year12/11/2021For Determination01/02/2022
Appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies09/11/2021For Determination30/11/2021
Proposed addition of e-petitions function to the Council’s existing paper-based petitions scheme08/11/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Proposed addition of e-petitions function to the Council’s existing paper-based petitions scheme08/11/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Weaverthorpe Church of England Primary School – Consultation on school closure proposal05/11/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Admission Arrangements 2023/202408/11/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Admission Arrangements 2023/202408/11/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Safe accommodation for victims of Domestic Abuse and their families05/11/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Director of Public Health Annual Report05/11/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Contract for Independent Adoption Support Services08/11/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Extension to Citizens Advice North Yorkshire Contract01/11/2021For Determination14/01/2022
Approval of a new 20mph speed limit policy01/11/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Special School Budgets29/10/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Schools Budgets29/10/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Review of Personal Safety Measures for County Councillors26/10/2021For Determination30/11/2021
Extension to the Welfare Benefits Unit Contract20/10/2021For Determination14/01/2022
Re-procurement or in-sourcing of Shared Lives Scheme19/02/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Dementia care facility in Harrogate16/08/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Council Plan 2022-202630/03/2021For Determination16/02/2022
A59 Kex Gill Diversion Contract Award09/02/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Care market proposals for South Craven01/10/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Re-procurement of the Adult Social Care Approved Provider Lists27/09/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Constitution.20/09/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Minerals and Waste Joint Plan Adoption09/02/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Expansion of Greatwood Community Primary and Nursery School, Skipton (Northern Star Academies Trust)20/09/2021For Determination17/05/2022
To consider the County Council’s Revenue Budget 2022/23 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS). Also to consider: • Capital Plan • Treasury Management • Prudential Indicators08/09/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Department for Transport Zero Emission Bus Regional Allocation Funding26/08/2021For Determination21/01/2022
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Members’ Code of Conduct and consequential amendments to the Constitution for recommendation to full Council01/10/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report09/08/2021For Determination22/02/2022
To inform Executive of the Sexual Health Service Section 75 consultation feedback and to request formal approval to move to a Partnership agreement25/05/2021For Determination22/03/2022
Adoption of Minerals and Waste Joint Plan21/05/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Healthy Child Programme - Emotional Health and Wellbeing10/05/2021For Determination11/01/2022
Council Plan 2022-202630/03/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Consideration of whether to end, amend, continue or make permanent the experimental traffic restrictions for Whitby Swing Bridge and adjacent streets17/02/2021For Determination21/01/2022
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Members’ Code of Conduct and consequential amendments to the Constitution01/10/2021For Determination16/02/2022
Draft Revenue Budget 2022/23 & Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)09/02/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Q2 Performance Monitoring & Budget Report09/02/2021For Determination07/12/2021
The expansion of Barlby School requires a variation to the PFI Contract dated 30 March 2001 between NYCC and the school provider09/02/2021For Determination25/01/2022
Extension of the Adult Weight Management Service Contract04/10/2021For Determination10/12/2021 This item was deferred from 19 November 2021
Consideration of proposed amendments to the Council’s Constitution for recommendation to full Council.20/09/2021For Determination25/01/2022