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Permanent taxi rank on James St, Selby

We the undersigned petition the Council to Designate James St as a permanent taxi rank for bank holidays.

Taxi drivers and prospective passengers in Selby have been failed by the council and left with no taxi rank on Bank Holidays.

This has had a significant impact on drivers earnings and the ability for prospective passengers to be able to visit the market on bank holidays as they are unable to get home as there is no bus service.

The market is not as big as it used to be and can be condensed so it is not using all of James St thus freeing up the taxi rank allowing drivers to work and passengers to be able to use taxis. Selby is a dying town and this is only accelerating it further.

Started by: Tobias Smith

This ePetition runs from 13/06/2024 to 31/07/2024.

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