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Reduce Noise Pollution at Aldi Loading Bay, Selby

We the undersigned petition the Council to deal with the excessive noise pollution caused by the newly constructed Aldi store's loading bay in Selby, which is severely impacting the quality of life of residents living nearby. We respectfully request immediate action to address this issue and implement better noise mitigation measures.

Issues at Hand:

Insufficient Noise Barrier: The installed noise barrier, standing at 3 meters, is inadequate. It fails to effectively reduce the noise levels, allowing significant disturbance to reach our homes.

Noise Reflection: The noise generated during unloading activities is being reflected by the supermarket's wall, amplifying the disturbance and causing a severe nuisance.

Excessive Noise Levels: The noise level during unloading often reaches up to 80 decibels (equivalent to a police siren), which is well above acceptable levels for a residential area and detrimental to our health and well-being.

Delivery Timings: Deliveries are frequently occurring outside of the contractually agreed delivery times, exacerbating the noise issue during late hours and early mornings, disrupting our sleep and daily routines.

Our Requests:

Enhanced Noise Barriers: Installation of more effective noise barriers (e.g.: Enclosed loading bay) that can significantly reduce the noise reaching residential areas.

Acoustic Treatments: Application of acoustic treatments to the supermarket's wall to prevent noise reflection and further reduce the impact.

Strict Adherence to Delivery Schedules: Enforcement of the agreed-upon delivery times to ensure that deliveries do not occur during unsociable hours.

Regular Noise Monitoring: Implementation of regular noise monitoring to ensure compliance with noise regulations and to address any issues promptly.

We believe these measures are essential to restoring peace and tranquillity to our neighbourhood. The current situation is unacceptable and requires urgent attention to protect the health and well-being of local residents.

By signing this petition, you are advocating for a quieter, healthier, and more peaceful Selby community.

Started by: Christoph Schuessler (Christoph Schuessler)

This ePetition runs from 07/07/2024 to 31/08/2025.

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