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Coronation Avenue Parking Expansion - Hinderwell - TS13

We the undersigned petition the Council to Improve the number of available car parking spaces due to safety and reasonable access.

Who is affected

This issue relates to every resident in the vicinity of Coronation Avenue in Hinderwell, Saltburn by the Sea, TS13 5 postcode.

Which is a grassed area, with bollards blocking access.

What is at stake?

As is well known this residential area was built some time ago, and presumed to have been built on the pretence that many homes wouldn’t have cars. As time has passed, we now have up to 2 cars per family, which is the main cause for concern in parking.

In this residential area, we have grassed areas that are now no longer used or are of benefit to the community, but the number of cars and the issues that surround parking are becoming somewhat of a prominent issue. This is namely the grassed are which numbers .. (house number) surround.

We have a number of cars parking on grassed areas, where children are playing, and a vast number of cars parking in obscure positions. This now is presenting the huge potential for another accident involving children. (Which has already happened).

As mentioned above, the grassed area needs to be re-purposed into a parking area for the ever-growing number of cars in the community. We also have a school at the end of the road, which causes a huge amount of congestion and children running in and out of cars at certain times of the day and again parking becomes even more impractical and not safe.

Also, to add to this we are all moving in the direction of a “Greener” future with the move to reducing carbon footprint and the use of electric cars is on the up. We as a community have no infrastructure to support this move at all, and some can’t even get close enough to the property to charge an electric vehicle.

Overall, the repurposing of this redundant space and the number of benefits it has, would massively impact all of our residents and community and promote a safer, greener, and more accessible future as we move forward.

Why is the time now?

We as a community feel that it is time to progress with these changes as this will improve the overall safety and access and the overall feeling of this being a controlled safe environment for not only our children but the residents that park here and there visitors

Started by: David Cooper

This ePetition ran from 03/07/2023 to 31/08/2023 and has now finished.

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