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*Re-published: call-in no longer applies* Planning application for the purpose the variation of condition no's 1, 2 & 20 of planning permission ref. C6/500/63J/CMA for the continuation of waste disposal operations for a further 6 years from 31 Dece

Decision Maker: Chief Executive Officer

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


That PLANNING PERMISSION BE GRANTED subject to the conditions as set out within the published Officer Report as amended solely in respect of condition no.20 at the consultation meeting of the Members of the County Council’s Planning & Regulatory Functions Committee on the morning of Tuesday 31st March 2020 which now reads as follows:

Amended Condition No. 20 (amendments shown in yellow highlight)
Within 6 months of the date of this decision, a Detailed Landscaping Scheme and After-care Management Plan including an implementation programme and schedule of maintenance and ‘after-care’ for a minimum period of five years from final restoration of an individual Phase shall first be submitted and agreed in writing with the County Planning Authority. Where a Phase has already been restored, the period of ‘after-care’ shall be deemed to commence on the date of this decision and shall run for five years thereafter. The scheme of landscaping and aftercare shall include long term design and habitat objectives, method statements for site preparation and establishment of key habitats, management responsibilities and maintenance schedules and provide a combination of good quality habitat creation on the restored landfill and ensure long-term sympathetic management of the retained area. The scheme shall also include details and provision for:
i) soil preparation;
ii) application of fertiliser;
iii) sowing and establishment of green cover;
iv) tree hedgerow and scrub planting, inclusive of sources, species, sizes, planting density mix and number;
v) grassland planting, inclusive of sources, species, sizes, planting density mix and number;
vi) wetland margin and aquatic planting, inclusive of sources, species, sizes, planting density mix and number;
vii) maintenance/aftercare provisions which shall include a scheme which ensures that if within a period of five years from the date of the planting of any tree or shrub, that tree or shrub or any tree or shrub planted in replacement for it, is removed, uprooted or destroyed or dies (or becomes, in the opinion of the County Planning Authority, seriously damaged or defective), another tree or shrub of the same species, size and maturity as that originally planted shall be planted at the same place, unless the County Planning Authority gives its written consent to any variation; and,
viii) boundary details and means of enclosure.
All works shall be carried out, applying accepted best practice at all times, in accordance with the approved details and implementation programme.

Reasons for the decision:

*PLEASE NOTE This decision was originally published on or near the date of the decision and so call in no longer applies. It has been re-published as part of the change in committee management system that we use.*

Decision taken by Richard Flinton, Chief Executive Officer, under his emergency delegated powers and in consultation with members of the Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee.

The reasons for the decision are those as set out within the published Officer Report and are as follows:
i. the principle of the proposed development has already been established through the previous grant of planning permissions;
ii. the proposed development would not result in an adverse impact upon local amenity, visual or otherwise;
iii. the proposed development is considered to result in only a negligible change in its impact upon the surrounding heritage assets when compared to the previously consented scheme;
iv. the site is strategically important in the management of waste from the county and from other areas supported by policies in the emerging MWJP; v. the proposed development does not give rise to conflict with relevant ‘development plan’ policies i.e. ‘saved’ NYWLP policies 4/1, 4/3, 4/10, 4/14, 4/18, 4/19, 4/22 & 6/1, ‘saved’ NYMLP policies 4/18 and 4/20 and HDLP policies CC1, CC2, CC4, HP2, HP3, HP4, HP5, NE1, NE2, NE3, NE4, NE5 & NE7; consistent with the principles of the NPPF and NPPW

Alternative options considered:


Publication date: 28/04/2021

Date of decision: 07/04/2020