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Director of Public Health Annual Report

Meeting: 07/12/2021 - Executive (Item 671)

671 Director of Public Health Annual Report pdf icon PDF 247 KB


Executive Members are asked to note the contents of the report.

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County Councillor Andrew Lee introduced the Annual Report for 2020 and provided a brief overview on:

        Progress on past recommendations and priorities

        Health inequalities in North Yorkshire

        North Yorkshire’s COVID-19 response

        Protecting and Improving the health and wellbeing of the residents of North Yorkshire

        North Yorkshire Public Health priorities for 2021- 2025


He also paid tribute to the previous Director of Public Health, Lincoln Sergeant and the previous Executive Member for Public Health, Prevention and Supported Housing, including sustainability and transformation plans - County Councillor Caroline Dickinson, who had both contributed to the report


Louise Wallace, Director of Public Health confirmed the report was cross-cutting to reflect the response to Covid and its wider effect on the whole County, and the depth and breadth of the work undertaken.  Finally she drew attention to the video linked to the report, and confirmed the next report would likely focus on the consequences of Covid.


County Councillor John Ennis suggested the move to a unitary would be a positive step for Public Health, through the bringing together of all the wider determinants on health under one roof.


County Councillor Caroline Dickinson commended the work on the report by all those involved and for the work of officers throughout the pandemic.


County Councillor Paul Haslam queried the governance measures around the priorities in the report and it was confirmed there were a range of metrics on the population, which would be used to measure and constantly review progress on the objectives, alongside feedback from the public.  In regard to smoking and other health-related activities, it was suggested that the provision of clear information and advice on the associated risks was the best way to achieve behavioural change and improve lifestyles.


The Leader thanked Louise Wallace for the report and it was


Resolved –


That the  Public Health Annual Report for 2020 be noted.