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Q1 Performance Monitoring and Budget report

Meeting: 23/08/2022 - Executive (Item 56)

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Considered– A  joint  report  of  the  Chief  Executive  and  Corporate  Director  -  Strategic  Resources, bringing togetherkey aspects of the CountyCouncil’s performanceon aquarterlybasis.


CountyCouncillorCarlLesintroducedtheQ1performancemonitoringreport,confirmingitprovided an overview on all of the ambitions of the County Council.


County CouncillorDavidChance provided a summary of the Executive performancereport.  He confirmedthe County Council continued to makeprogressin deliveringits wide-rangeofambitions, and drew specific attention to the ongoing challenges, which included:

·          External forces in the Care Sector continued to put Health & Adult Social care under sustained pressure, with hospital discharges averaging 13.8 per day - a 38% increase compared to the pandemic average of 10 per day;

·          An increase in short term placements to 278 since the end of 2019/20;

·          Pressure in Children & Young People’s Services, with the number of children requiring EHC Plans- a 12% increase since the same point last year;

·          The cost of living crisis food and fuel prices and a rise in interest rates;

·          A 24% increase in demand for support from the income maximisation team since the same period in 21/22;

·          The demand for Energy Vouchers had grown, with 1,581 vouchers awarded in this year’s Qtr1  compared to 697 in Qtr1 last year;

·          An increase in demand for the Customer Service Centre, with an increase in call waiting times and call abandonment;

·          Social Care calls made up a third of all calls to the Customer Service Centre so a separate call number had been introduced;


Finally, he confirmed the Q1 performance report demonstrated a relentless focus on the Council’s ambitions, with the continued development of a strength based approach to effective leadership.


In responseto ScrutinyBoardmembers’questions, itwasconfirmedthat:

·            The Authority was doing relatively well in regard to the number of NHS Health Checks compared to neighbouring Authorities,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 56