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Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report

Meeting: 21/02/2023 - Executive (Item 196)

196 Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report pdf icon PDF 5 MB


That the Executive:

a. notes the latest position for the County Council’s 2022/23 Revenue Budget, as summarised in paragraph 2.1.2.

b. notes the position on the GWB (paragraphs 2.4.1 to 2.4.3)

c. notes the position on the ‘Strategic Capacity – Unallocated’ reserve (paragraphs 2.4.4)

d. notes the latest position regarding the Local Government Review transition fund (paragraphs 2.5.1)

e. notes the position on the County Council’s Treasury Management activities during the second quarter of 2022/23

f. refers this report to the Audit Committee for their consideration as part of the overall monitoring arrangements for Treasury Management.

g. Approve the refreshed Capital Plan summarised at paragraph 4.2.3

h. Approve the proposal to expand capacity at Springwater School including the associated rationalisation of neighbouring office accommodation (paragraph

i. Agree that no action be taken at this stage to allocate any additional capital resources (paragraph 4.5.7)



Considered:  A joint report of the Chief Executive and Corporate Director - Strategic Resources,

bringing togetherkey aspects of the CountyCouncil’s performanceon aquarterlybasis.


CountyCouncillorCarlLesintroducedtheQuarter 3performancemonitoringandbudget report,confirmingitprovided an overview on all of the ambitions of the County Council but with a key focus on the council plan ambition for ‘Every child and young person has the best possible start in life’.


County CouncillorDavidChance provided a summary of the Executive performancereport and confirmedthe Authority continued to makeprogressin deliveringits wide-rangeofambitions.  He drew specific attention to the ongoing challenges which included:

·         The cost of living crisis affecting all parts of the county creating an increased demand on Council services;

·         The combined effects of Covid-19 and an increase in flu cases;


In regard to his own portfolio area, he confirmed the Council’s ongoing commitment to supporting communities, and provided an update on a range of initiatives delivered via the North Yorkshire Local Assistance Fund, and the second allocation of the Government’s Household Support Fund.  He also provided a brief update on:

·          the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and Afghan refugee programme

·          The work of the Customer Services team

·          Support for the local economy through the Authority’s spend with local suppliers (55%)


CountyCouncillorJanetSandersonintroducedthein-depthfocusoftheperformance reporton ‘Every child& youngperson hasthebestpossiblestartinlife.  She drew attention to the rising demand for EHCPs and the associated financial pressures.  She also highlighted:

·          The increasing demand at the front door, which had led to an increase in referrals to Children’s Social Care;

·          The ongoing issues  ...  view the full minutes text for item 196