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North Yorkshire Council Branding

Meeting: 08/11/2022 - Executive (Item 111)

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That the Executive agree:

i.    The brand design for North Yorkshire Council.

Ii    The approach and costs outlined for the deployment of branding.


Considered – A report of the Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council outlining a recommended best value approach to the brand design and brand deployment for the new North Yorkshire Council, based on four main criteria, as detailed in the report.


County Councillor Carl Les introduced the report and confirmed the proposed re-branding for the new Council took a minimal approach resulting in good value for money


Richard Flinton, Chief Executive confirmed the need to establish a new identity for the new Council and confirmed the recommended approach was proportionate and in line with other similar exercises elsewhere.  He noted the work undertaken to explore the approaches and costs incurred by other unitised councils, and outlined the proposed deployment approach, which would minimise the costs – in the region of £400K.


Executive Members welcomed the proposed pragmatic approach, which would see the vast majority of assets that carried branding only being replaced as they wore out, and accepted it would result in many public-facing assets carrying retired brands for many years.


They noted that the vast majority of the costs associated with rebranding and system output changes were legal requirements, with a much smaller proportion of the costs being for signage and staff I.D.  They were also pleased to note that all the councils had been involved in the discussions. 


In regard to the colour of the proposed branding, it was noted the original officer recommendation had proposed all blue.  However, following a proposal put forward by a non-Executive member, the images within the report had subsequently been amended to blue and green branding, in line with that proposal.


The Executive thanked the officer work group for their work, and it was


Resolved That in line with the original officer recommendation, the following be approved:


i.    The all blue brand design for North Yorkshire Council;


Ii    The approach and costs outlined for the deployment of branding.