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Response to Motion referred from County Council on Fair Tax Declaration

Meeting: 07/02/2023 - Executive (Item 179)

179 Response to Motion referred from County Council on Fair Tax Declaration pdf icon PDF 410 KB


The Executive is asked to consider the revised Motion as drafted in Appendix 2 that has been referred by County Council and make recommendations for the consideration of County Council on 22 February 2023.



Considered – A report of the Corporate Director - Strategic Resources providing a summary of the fair tax motion including the key elements of the motion, to enable the Executive to make a formal recommendation to County Council on the 22 February 2023.


County Councillor Gareth Dadd introduced the report and drew attention to the amended version of the motion previously agreed by himself and the motion proposer – County Councillor Liz Colling.   He agreed the principal behind the Motion was a correct, and thanked Councillor Colling for her contribution in developing a cross-party, pragmatic and acceptable way forward.


Councillor Colling thanked Rachel Woodward- Head of Procurement and the representative from the Fair Tax Foundation who had worked with her, She also noted that currently procurement rules restricted what Councils could do to encourage responsible tax conduct amongst their suppliers. Having accepted there were limits on what the Authority could do, she suggested it was the responsible thing to do, and therefore welcomed the cross-party cooperation and proposed way forward.


Resolved – That the amended Motion at Appendix 2 of the report be endorsed and referred to County Council on 22 February 2023.