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Q4 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report

Meeting: 30/05/2023 - Executive (Item 245)

245 Q4 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report pdf icon PDF 132 KB

Recommendations - That the Executive:

i.       notes that the information in the Q4 Performance Report is used as a performance baseline or starting point for the new council

ii.      notes that reporting from Quarter One 2023/24 onwards will provide updates on progress from this baseline; reporting by service area with key performance indicator data being used to demonstrate progress against the objectives set in the Council Plan 2023-27.

iii.     notes the draft outturn position for the eight former Council’s that now make up the new North Yorkshire Council against the 2022/23 Revenue Budget, as summarised in paragraph 2.2.1.

iv.     notes the position on the GWB (paragraph 2.5.1)

v.      notes the draft outturn position for the Housing Revenue Account (paragraph 2.3.1)

vi.     notes the latest position regarding the Local Government Review transition fund (paragraphs 2.6.1 - 2.6.2)

vii.    gives delegated authority to Corporate Director of Resources in consultation with the Executive Member for Finance to review and implement any arrangements of a one-off nature in line with the requests as set out in Appendices H-O (e.g. requests for carry-forward).

viii.   notes the performance of the Treasury Management operation during 2022/23 and the outturn position on Prudential Indicators for North Yorkshire County Council and the District Councils.

ix.     notes the roll forward adjustments to the Capital Programme detailed at 6.3 be approved.

Additional documents:


Considered:  A joint report of the Chief Executive and Corporate Director - Strategic Resources, bringing togetherkey aspects of the CountyCouncil’s performanceon aquarterlybasis.


CountyCouncillorCarlLesintroducedtheQuarter 4performancemonitoringandbudget report,confirmingitcovered aspects of performance from all eight of the former councils in North Yorkshire, and therefore provided a baseline for the future.  The report provided an overview on all of the ambitions of the County Council but with a key focus on the council plan ambition for Innovative and forward-thinking council and a review of Public Health.


County CouncillorDavidChance provided a summary of the Executive performancereport which provided an overview of the three months leading up to vesting day for the eight councils.  He noted there had previously been no agreed method for recording and presenting key performance indicators (PIs) across all the councils.  The few minor discrepancies on how various PIs had been reported would be addressed through the introduction of a comprehensive reporting structure for future performance updates.


He went on provide a brief overview of performance across his own portfolio area which included:

·            The investment in North Yorkshire Local Assistance Fund (£1.4m), with 60% spent on standard items and 40% on emergency food and energy vouchers;

·            The conclusion of the third phase of the DWP Household Support Fund, with a total of 45,236 households receiving support;

·            The number of Ukrainian guests currently resident in North Yorkshire through the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme was 733, with an additional 544 having moved to alternative accommodation;

·            A rise in the number of social media followers evidencing the effectiveness and relevance of the Council’s online content;


He also highlighted the challenges facing all the councils around harmonising the services of the former councils into one unified service, and the increasing demand for people services.


Simon Moss, acting Head of Strategy & Performance confirmed that despite the challenges, performance remained good across a wide range of performance indicators.  He drew specific attention to:

·            The highest number of referrals received by Children Services in a single quarter for at least seven years, despite which the number of re-referrals is lower or better than the national average;  ...  view the full minutes text for item 245