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Levelling Up Fund Bid Submission

Meeting: 08/06/2021 - Executive (Item 593)

Levelling Up Fund Bid Submission

Purpose of Report: To agree a response to this bidding opportunity.


Karl Battersby, Corporate Director for Business & Environmental Services provided

Executive Members with a verbal update on the County Council’s Levelling Up Fund bid submission. 


He confirmed that as a upper tier Authority, the County Council was not required to submit its transport related bid at round one, but could instead take the time to put together a comprehensive round two bid to maximise the opportunities a levelling up bid could provide.


It was noted:

·          The County Council could bid for up to £20m, and up to £50m in exceptional circumstances;

·          The timescale for round one bids was very tight in terms of submitting the information required for a strategic business case

·          Taking the time to submit a bid at round two would enable the Authority to effectively encompass three separate projects under one programme;

·          A fully worked up round two bid submission would be presented to the Executive later in the year;


Resolved:  The Executive noted the verbal update.