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Transport, Economy, Environment and Enterprise Overview and Scrutiny Committee - Thursday, 19th January, 2023 10.00 am

Venue: Brierley Room, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AD

Contact: Will Baines, Principal Democratic Services and Scrutiny Officer  Email:

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Welcome and apologies for absence


The Chair, County Councillor David Staveley, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from County Councillor David Ireton, with County Councillor George Jabbour attending as substitute.


Minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2022 pdf icon PDF 349 KB


Resolved –


That the Minutes of the meeting held on 20 October 2022, having been printed and circulated, be taken as read and confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.



Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest to note.


Public Questions or Statements

Members of the public may ask questions or make statements at this meeting if they have delivered notice (to include the text of the question/statement) to Will Baines of Legal and Democratic Services (contact details below) no later than midday on Monday 16th January 2023.   Each speaker should limit themselves to 3 minutes on any item. Members of the public who have given notice will be invited to speak:-

·         at this point in the meeting if their questions/statements relate to matters which are not otherwise on the Agenda (subject to an overall time limit of 30 minutes);

·         when the relevant Agenda item is being considered if they wish to speak on a matter which is on the Agenda for this meeting.

If you are exercising your right to speak at this meeting, but do not wish to be recorded, please inform the Chairman who will instruct those taking a recording to cease while you speak.


Question from Andy Hayes


I am a Director of Oliver’s Mount Racing Ltd. that holds the licence with Scarborough Borough Council to hold national level motorcycle race events at The Oliver’s Mount race circuit in Scarborough.  We host a number of events each year, and when all is going well, Oliver’s Mount is estimated to bring tourism revenue of c. £4m per annum into the local area, and also provides direct annual revenue to the local authority in the region of £80k - £100k.


Oliver’s Mount uses Jackson’s Lane as the sole route for public vehicular entry and egress once events are running and other entrances are closed off. Events will not be financially viable should Jackson’s Lane be inaccessible over an event weekend.


Jackson’s Lane is a publicly adopted road (reference U563/4/30) (coordinates X: 504080 Y: 485931). This road has been in a state of disrepair for at least 5 years now and NYCC Highways have permitted Oliver’s Mount, amongst others, to use the road in a 1-way, traffic-controlled manner for events, but this causes quite a lot of traffic disruption and is expensive to resource and undoubtedly puts some customers off from coming to Oliver’s Mount events. We have managed to live with it though, but there is an ever-present and growing risk that NYCC may come to the view that it may not be used in even a one-way manner anymore. This would be disastrous for Oliver’s Mount and most likely result in events ceasing, resulting in a permanent loss of c. £4m per annum to the local economy.


I would like to ask what the obligation is of the Authority and what plans are in place to repair and reinstate Jackson’s Lane to a 2-way carriageway in good order, or to replace it with a new road from Musham Bank roundabout on the A64, that may better alleviate local traffic issues and be built on more stable ground that would likely prove to be a more cost-effective solution in both the short and longer term.


Barrie Mason, Assistant Director – Highways & Transportation responded as follows:


North Yorkshire County Council, like every Highway Authority in the country, has a duty, as laid out in the Highways Act 1980, to maintain its highway network and in line with that duty we have been monitoring Jacksons Lane in Scarborough due to on-going movements that have been observed over many years in the surrounding area.  The benefits of the events at the Oliver’s Mount facility to the local economy are fully recognised and in recent years we have worked with the event organiser to ensure that an appropriate means of access is maintained on event days utilising traffic management solutions.  Most recently we have been looking at potential geotechnical solutions to ensure the long term stability of Jacksons Lane and the surrounding area and will be in a position to share the outcome of this work in due course.  In the interim we will continue to liaise with the event  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Local Enterprise Partnership Delivery Plan Review pdf icon PDF 418 KB


Considered – Report of the Chief Operating Officer – York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to report progress against the 2022-23 Delivery Plan.


James Farrar introduced the report, with some of the key points under the five pillars from the progress report are summarised below:


·       The LEP is commissioning work to build on previous studies and increase evidence data, such as refreshing a labour market analysis for the region by March 2023, along with undertaking a ‘Getting Building Review’ to identify improvements for future funding and an evaluation of bids made to the Community Renewal Fund.

·       The significance of signing off a ‘Routemap to Carbon Negative’ through the LEP Board and the City of York and North Yorkshire local authorities is to be welcomed, with an implementation plan now under development.

·       A priority for the next six months is to build on a draft ‘Plan for Growth’ to revise it in line with current government policy and the role and context of it for the proposed Mayoral Combined Authority. A new draft is expected to be prepared by Summer 2023.

·       The Devolution Deal for York and North Yorkshire secured £7 million investment to enable York and North Yorkshire to drive green economic growth towards their ambitions to be a carbon negative region. This investment is subject to agreement of a submitted business case.

·       Under the delivery pillar, progress is on track, issues with the initial delivery of the skills bootcamp have been ironed out, with a bid for extra money submitted for this important scheme.

·       The LEP Annual Report and Annual Conference delivered as the York and North Yorkshire Business Summit achieved record engagement.

·       The LEP remains fully compliant with its Assurance Framework and National LEP requirements.


There followed a discussion with the key points as summarised below:


·     The key programmes developed by Grow Yorkshire concentrated around rural, food and farming are pleasing to note, but it was asked if this ties into the wider ‘Routemap to Carbon Negative’ work by the LEP. It was also asked about the involvement of organisations such as the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) into Grow Yorkshire.

·     In future reports, it would be helpful to see both the qualitative and quantitative baseline data and outcomes of the business support work undertaken by the LEP, to get a better knowledge and understanding of the impact it is having for encouraging economic growth in the region.

·     The importance of working with industry to develop research and proposals was recognised, through partnerships such as the Scarborough cyber cluster.

·     Further detail on the resources available for the LEP would be helpful for members to evaluate the work undertaken.

·     Linking into the work of the economic development team at the new unitary council post 1st April, it will be important that the LEP and NYC continue to promote the distinct economic features of the districts and borough areas in North Yorkshire.

·     The work of the LEP will be crucial in supporting the county to become a trailblazer  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Road Casualties 2020 & 2021- North Yorkshire pdf icon PDF 836 KB


Considered – Report of the Corporate Director – Business & Environmental Services to detail the North Yorkshire road casualty statistics for 2020 and 2021 and summarise the road safety issues and activities undertaken.


Allan McVeigh, Head of Network Strategy, introduced the report, with the key statistics and information as summarised below:


·       The Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on the road casualty figures, with a general trend of an increase in the collisions statistics for 2021 when compared to data recorded for 2020 and 2019.

·       Examples of this include the total number of casualties in road collisions in 2021, which were recorded as 17% more than in 2020, but continuing the overall downward trend since 2002.

·       The total reported child casualties for 2021 was 109. This is an increase on 2020, but represented a fall when compared to 2019 data. It is also lower than the rolling five-year average of 116.

·       For both elderly person and young person casualties, the data for 2021 showed an increase in comparison to the 2020 data, but both data sets are trending below the rolling average.

·       Cyclist casualties reported in 2021 reduced in comparison to 2020 and below the five-year rolling average

·       Up to the end of June 2022, there were 9 fatalities on the roads of North Yorkshire. This compares to 10 fatalities in the previous year to 30 June 2021.

·       North Yorkshire County Council has a Fatal Collision Procedure which it has adopted with North Yorkshire Police, which ensures that that we are informed by the Police at an early stage in the investigation of a road death. This makes sure that every crash location is visited and a report completed by the County Council’s Traffic Engineering Team, detailing the existing situation, and what, if anything can reasonably be introduced to prevent a collision occurring in similar circumstances.

·       The temporary Vehicle Activated Signs policy, allowing communities to purchase their own portable VAS (speed limit reminder type) to deploy on approved lighting columns or separate posts in the highway has proved very popular, with many parish councils now engaged in managing their own deployment.


There followed a discussion the key points of which are as summarised below:


·       Members noted it was difficult to directly compare the 2021 data against previous years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

·       A Member felt the report required a greater emphasis on road safety measures at the disposal of the County Council and how these could be used more effectively to reduce road casualties.

·       In future, Members requested more data around the circumstances of the road accidents that have sadly occurred, in order to understand the situation better and assess whether improvements are required in particular areas.

·       Members felt mobile speed cameras were used by North Yorkshire Police as a way to raise revenue through speeding tickets, with fixed speed cameras seen as preferable.


Resolved - That Members note the figures for collisions and casualties on the roads of North Yorkshire and the actions being taken to improve road safety.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


20mph Speed Limit and Zone Policy Update pdf icon PDF 539 KB


Considered – Report of the Corporate Director – Business and Environmental Services to update the Committee on the application of the revised 20mph speed limit and zone policy since its adoption in January 2022.


Allan McVeigh, Head of Network Strategy, presented the report, the key points of which are as summarised below:


·       The revised 20mph speed limit and zone policy was adopted by the County Council in January 2022 and has been used to assess all new applications and review some previous requests since then.

·       The revised policy sets out a notable strategic change to the assessment process, that whilst vehicle speed and collision data sets remain essential, the broadened scope includes evaluation of the sense of place and community and how a 20mph speed limit may positively impact both.

·       Officers are aware of the on-going campaign by 20’s Plenty, encouraging Parish Councils to sign up to its vision of default 20mph speed limits. The County Council is actively working to better promote the use of 20mph speed limits and zones

·       Since the new policy was adopted by the County Council, all new applications have been assessed against the revised criteria resulting in positive decisions and work continues to review some previous applications to determine if there is now merit. To date, including ten previous applications being reconsidered, there have been 27 applications received. Three applications have been approved, these are for extensions of existing 20mph speed limits in Bradley and Cononley, both in the Area 5 Craven and the other being a new implementation on Staxton in Area 4, Ryedale.

·       A workshop with the Area Highways Teams and other Highways and Transportation Teams has been held to allow officers the opportunity to discuss the policy and ask any questions on its application to ensure there was a consistent understanding and applications.

·       Since its implementation, the revised policy is having a positive impact by providing potential applicants with a clear rationale of where and when 20mph speed limits are suitable and sets out how any applications with be assessed.

·       The outcomes of all of the investigation work will be presented in a forthcoming report via Cllr Keane Duncan, Executive Member for Highways & Transportation.


There followed a discussion with the key points as summarised below:


·       A Member felt general driving standards had decreased across the board, so the use of temporary Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) installations across the county by 90 communities, resulting in the installation of 145 temporary speed limit reminder signs are now on the road network was welcomed and supported.

·       A Member raised the benefits for pedestrians if a blanket 20mph speed limit was to be introduced in local communities, this would be from a safety perspective for pedestrians such as buggie/pram users if walking alongside carriageways or crossing roads but also from a health and wellbeing perspective if a lower speed limit gave them more confidence to get out and about.

·       As part of the new unitary council, a Member asked if as part of new housing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


National Highways update on maintenance and improvement activity pdf icon PDF 165 KB


Considered – Report of the National Highways Route Manager to update on maintenance and improvement activity on the strategic road network in North Yorkshire.


As the National Highways representative was unable to attend the meeting to present the report and take questions, it was agreed to defer the report to a future meeting.


Resolved –


That a report be provided to a future meeting of the Transport, Economy and Environment O&S Committee to update on National Highways work on the strategic road network in North Yorkshire.




Work Programme pdf icon PDF 258 KB


Considered -


The Work Programme was presented, asking the Committee to confirm, amend or add to the areas of the work listed.


The following suggestions were made:


·       Rural Broadband

·       Update on tree planting

·       Transport for the North

·       The work of Distribution Network Operators


Resolved -


That the work programme be noted.