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Transition (LGR) Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Transition (LGR) Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


Information about Transition (LGR) Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committees represent the interests of local people about important issues that affect them. They look at how the decisions, policies and services of the Council and other key public agencies impact on the area and on residents. Scrutiny Committees do not take decisions but can make recommendations to decision-makers about how they are delivering on objectives.


Scrutinises Leisure, Culture, Tourism, Arts, Waste Collection, Bereavement Services and Licensing, as well as the significant decisions made by the Executive regarding the new unitary authority and Local Government Reorganisation.


The Committee has been retained until 31 March 2026 with a review after two years (i.e. after 31 March 2025).