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Scrutiny of Health Committee

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Information about Scrutiny of Health Committee

Scrutiny Committees represent the interests of local people about important issues that affect them. They look at how the decisions, policies and services of the Council and other key public agencies impact on the area and on residents. Scrutiny Committees do not take decisions but can make recommendations to decision-makers about how they are delivering on objectives.


The Scrutiny of Health Committee scrutinises any matter relating to the planning, provision and operation of health services in the County, including Ambulance Trusts and the policies of the Health and Care Partnerships. The aim is to act as a lever to improve the health of local people, ensuring that the needs of the local people are considered as an integral part of the delivery and development of health services and will look:


·     To focus on action to achieve health improvement;

·     To examine health care in the context of the wider determinants of health;

·     To examine how health services address the needs of local communities;

·     To especially address health inequalities;

·     To ensure that local health and health related issues are being tackled jointly and in a co-ordinated way across agencies;

·     To contribute to annual health checks by providing feedback to the Integrated Care Boards and NHS Trusts serving North Yorkshire on their performance and  the experiences that the Committee has with them.


There is currently a North Yorkshire Independent vacant seat on this Committee.