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North Yorkshire Place and Planning Infrastructure.

A presentation around NHS Infrastructure and North Yorkshire Planning to understand how the process’s align and interact.

Linda Marfitt, Acting Head of Place-shaping & Economic Growth and Tracey Rathmell, Executive Officer Policy and Place and Acting Executive Officer Housing Delivery & Strategic Sites, North Yorkshire Council.

Lisa Pope, Stephanie Porter and Neil Lawrence , NHS Humber & North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board.


Considered – A presentation around the NHS Infrastructure and the Planning Directorate of North Yorkshire Council to understand their alignment and interaction.


The presentation covered the following main points:

·       How planning and health infrastructure align

·       The role of the Integrated Care Board (ICB)

·       Community Interest Levy (CIL)

·       S106 ( of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) contributions

·       The alignment of 7 previous District and Borough local plans

·       The provision of a new plan by March 2028

·       Delivery mechanism and community engagement


There then followed a discussion raising the following points:


Cllr Jabbour asked if there would be interaction with the 2 National Parks within the County that had their own local plans?

They will continue to deliver their local plans, but we would continue to liaise and consult with them as there were many cross-boundary issues.


Councillor Donohue-Moncrieff, who was attending the meeting having requested permission from the Chair, asked about the existing local plans that were a legacy from the District and Borough Council’s and specifically around Scarborough Borough Council’s local plan which was initiated in 2017 and how the existing services, such as GP’s would cope ?

In response, it was discussed, and the main areas highlighted were;

·       GP ownership was not straightforward

·       Some practices will operate at 50% of guidance

·       Extensions and new build costs were not covered by developers

·       Practice owned buildings can be attractive to third parties

·       Multiple smaller surgeries are much more sustainable longer term as one larger multi agency property

·       Differing prescriptive methods are being looks at e.g., group consultations, holistic remedies, leisure and library facilities and further enhancement of digital technology, which proved effective throughout Covid

·       Legal costs and fixtures are not part of the Capital request remit

·       It has already been identified that there are health inequalities on the East Coast

·       The availability of other estate properties for use.



Councillor Lacey asked if there was a workforce plan at the earliest stage of any Capital requests ?

One of the key priorities for the ICB is working in partnership, recruitment from abroad is successful, there are 300 roles expected to be filled by March 2024, with around 60% fulfilled already.


Councillor Colling asked if there was any lobbying to suggest that the financial process of Capital monies may be calculated on all aspects of the build and not simply just floorspace?

GP’s operate as a small business, and they drive the expansion with support from NHS in the background and in line with the rules of governance.


Councillor Maw asked if S106 monies could be combined ?

S106 agreements are legally binding, they can be negotiated but it is infrequent after signing. Time frame on spending is 10 years.


Councillor Solloway asked how the process works when healthcare is provided out of the North Yorkshire area.

It was reiterated that there is liaison across areas working together to achieve the best outcome. There is a legal duty to cooperate and demonstrate this with cross boundary neighbours.


Councillor Nick Brown asked if there was a specific plan for Harrogate in place?

All existing plans across the County will stay in place until the new plan is in existence.


Resolved – The Chairman thanked the presenters for their report and the discussion that followed and asked that they may return to a future Committee meeting with an update where required.

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