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Development of mental health services in the county and the response to a recent CQC inspection - Naomi Lonergan, Director of Operations North Yorkshire and York, Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

6.1 - An Update on the TEWV Care Quality Commission (CQC) Action Plan

6.2 – TEWV CQC Improvement Actions – presentation

6.3 – Enhanced Community Services Model

6.4 – Community mental health hub in Northallerton

6.5 – A community mental health hub for Selby

6.6 – Rectification work at Roseberry Park – verbal update.


Considered – reports and presentations by Naomi Lonergan, Martin Dale and Dr Tolu Olusoga of the Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) regarding progress with improvement actions in response to recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections, the progress with enhanced community services, the community mental health hubs for Northallerton and Selby and the rectification work being undertaken at Roseberry Park.


The committee Chairman asked Naomi Lonergan to first provide an overview of the response to the findings of the recent CQC inspection and then respond to questions relating to the other areas of work being undertaken by TEWV to improve mental health services.


Naomi Lonergan provided an overview as follows:


·         In January 2021 there was a CQC inspection of three acute wards for adults of working age and psychiatric intensive care units which raised concerns about risk management processes, which were found to be complex and difficult to follow

·         The CQC rated the wards as ‘inadequate’ for both safe and well-led.  The overall trust CQC rating remains ‘requires improvement’

·         An improvement programme has been developed and it is reviewed by an external quality assurance board

·         New, simpler, safety (risk management) summaries and safety plans for our patients in both inpatient and community settings have been introduced and risk management training and audits put in place

·         A practice development team has been established

·         Recruitment is underway to address some persistent work force shortages

·         A peer review was undertaken in May 2021

·         A CQC inspection is currently underway and will be completed at the end of July 2021.


County Councillor John Ennis asked for clarification of the scale of the workforce shortages across TEWV and what progress was being made with the work to recruit to vacancies.


In response, Naomi Lonergan said that the issues with staffing varied across the geography covered by and services provided by TEWV.  There were particular issues around the Scarborough, Harrogate and Selby areas.  In addition to a renewed recruitment drive, work is being done the develop nurse apprenticeships with education providers and social work placements.


Dr Tolu Olusoga said that there are also challenges in recruiting to medical and clinical positons as there was a great deal of competition and other areas may be more attractive to work in.  This is particularly the case in psychiatry.


There followed a discussion about the other areas of work being undertaken by TEWV to improve mental health services.


District Councillor Kevin Hardisty said that the community hub in Northallerton had progressed well and welcomed the fact that it would be a modern and purpose built facility.


County Councillor Heather Moorhouse said that the problems with recruitment were understood, known and common to many organisations working in North Yorkshire.  County Councillor Heather Moorhouse asked how the work was progressing with the rectification of the Roseberry Park site.


In response, Naomi Lonergan said that significant progress had been made and a further two blocks will be handed over to the service in September 2021.


County Councillor John Ennis asked what was driving the increase in referrals to the crisis team.


Noami Lonergan said that demand for mental health services is rising.  This may be due to the impact of prolonged social isolation and economic hardship associated with the pandemic.  Many of those people seeking help are previously unknown to mental health services.  The situation is being closely monitored as whilst demand is rising, the capacity of the service is largely fixed.  The aim is to do more work with partner agencies and organisations that will build capacity in prevention and early intervention.


Martin Dale said that it would be possible to show committee members around the North Moor House community hub on 6 August 2021.  Daniel Harry agreed to help Martin Dale co-ordinate this.


County Councillor John Ennis summed up and thanked all for attending.




1)    That Naomi Lonergan keeps the committee informed of the outcome of current CQC inspections and the progress being made with regard to the implementation of the improvement plan that is in place.  A further update is given to either the committee meeting on 10 September or the that on 17 December 2021

2)    That there is no need for any further updates to the committee on the development of the community mental health hubs (Northallerton and Selby)

3)    That Naomi Lonergan provides an update on patient outcomes for the enhanced community services to the committee meeting on 17 December 2021

4)    That there is no need for any further updates to the committee on the progress being made with the rectification works at Roseberry Park

5)    Martin Dale and Daniel Harry to liaise regarding the visit to Northallerton community hub on 6 August 2021.





















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