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HR and Workforce Workstream Update

A presentation by Justine Brooksbank, Assistant Chief Executive – HR and Business Support, to update members on the HR and Workforce workstream.


Considered – Presentation by Justine Brooksbank, Assistant Chief Executive (HR and Business Support) to update the committee on the progress made as part of the HR and Workforce workstream.


Some of the points highlighted in the presentation are as summarised below:


·       There has been continued collaborative working across all 8 councils, with specific HR workstream staff sessions held in July and more planned for November and December.

·       Work with other workstreams continuing on job descriptions for roles in North Yorkshire Council that need recruiting to, with a focus on volume and high priority posts.

·       TUPE consultation is underway, with over 45 sessions held, including 5am starts and weekend sessions to engage with as many staff as possible.

·       Consultation with Districts and Boroughs, NYCC and Unison on terms and conditions and pay and grading has been completed.

·       A collective approach has been taken on recruitment and retention across all of the councils.

·       The NYCC staff benefits package will be adopted and has been made available immediately to district councils where possible.

·       Officers continue to work closely with the trade unions, concluding agreements on trade union recognition, collective agreement and trade union facilities time.

·       Work is underway so that all managers understand the expectations from Day 1.

·       There is a desire to develop talent within the organisation to help retain and grow our own talent, particularly given the difficulties to recruit in certain sectors. This is to be done with initiatives such as the Graduate Training Programme and by creating a new and expanded apprenticeship programme.

·       All members of staff at the new council will have to do an induction package, but it will be short and sharp.

·       Access to employee led support groups is now open to all councils, and a new ‘Looking After You’ intranet page for North Yorkshire Councill will be implemented ahead of vesting day.

·       Work is ongoing to move all District and Borough Council payrolls moved over to NYCC prior to vesting day, with an on-boarding plan developed and on site and virtual training sessions arranged for each council. This will allow managers and staff the opportunity to get familiar with the new system.

·       A policy and approach for the thousands of volunteers across the county has been developed and migration plan in progress.


The key messages are that:

·       There are no redundancies prior to vesting day and none expected thereafter.

·       The priority is to retain staff, our big risk is attrition.

·       The new council will provide staff with many opportunities for development and progression which will be a real focus.


There followed a discussion, the key points of which are as summarised below:


·       It is important that the payroll on-boarding process works well, so that there are no gaps come vesting day and non-payment of wages.

·       Whilst very pleasing and reassuring to hear about the plans for apprentices as part of North Yorkshire Council, these will need to be monitored closely and mentoring arrangements put in place.

·       Concerns were raised about staff turnover in North Yorkshire and across local government, and how this will be affected by the creation of the unitary council.

·       The integration of technology systems will be key to ensuring a smooth transfer process for District and Borough Council staff.


Resolved – That the presentation be noted.