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Scrutiny of Health Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Lindsay Burr MBE, c/o Democratic Services, County Hall, Northallerton, , DL7 8AD, 01653 697210, ,
Councillor Liz Colling, 3 Westbourne Park, Scarborough, , , YO12 4AS, , 07595733841,
Councillor Caroline Dickinson, 124 Bankhead Road, Northallerton, , , DL6 1JD, , 07713 978154,
Councillor Richard Foster, Fell View 4 Chapel Lane, Hebden, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 5DT, , , 07843 054653
Councillor Sam Gibbs, 2C Forest Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, , HG2 7JJ, 07728 761135, ,
Councillor Paul Haslam, Woodside Farm, Bilton, Harrogate, , HG1 4DH, , 07971 654703,
Councillor Nathan Hull, Quarry Farm Barn, Pye Lane, Burnt Yates, Harrogate, HG3 3EH, 07577 031582, ,
Councillor Peter Lacey, The Old Crown, Farnham, Harrogate, , HG5 9JD, , 07493 076293,
Councillor Andrew Lee, c/o County Hall, Room BB079 Racecourse Lane, Northallerton, , DL7 8AD, , 07773 213378,
Councillor John Mann, 98 Walton Park, Harrogate, , , HG3 1RJ, , 07743 578256,
Councillor Rich Maw, 40 Pinewood Drive, Scarborough, , , YO12 5JP, , 07855 742883,
Councillor Heather Moorhouse, Easby Mill, Low Easby, Great Ayton, , TS9 6JQ, 01642 723147, ,
Councillor Andrew Murday, Hollin House Farm, Glasshouses, Harrogate, , HG3 5QQ, , 07785 715750,
Councillor David Noland, 17 Brougham Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, , BD23 2EN, , 07593 599318,
Councillor Clive Pearson, Hill House Farm, Lealholm, Whitby, , YO21 1QS, 01947 897372, ,
Councillor Andy Solloway, 7 Wensleydale Avenue, Skipton, , , BD23 2TS, 01756 793568, 07971 590742,
District Councillor Susan Graham, (Address not supplied)
District Councillor Kevin Hardisty, (Address not supplied)
District Councillor David Ireton, (Address not supplied)
Borough Councillor Nigel Middlemass, (Address not supplied)
District Councillor Pat Middlemiss, (Address not supplied)
District Councillor Jennifer Shaw-Wright, (Address not supplied)
Borough Councillor Sue Tucker, (Address not supplied)