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Richmond (Yorks) Area Constituency Committee - historic

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Angus Thompson, High Bank Farm, Stapleton, Darlington, , DL2 2QE, , 07968 787880,
Councillor Heather Moorhouse, Easby Mill, Low Easby, Great Ayton, , TS9 6JQ, 01642 723147, ,
Councillor Caroline Dickinson, 124 Bankhead Road, Northallerton, , , DL6 1JD, , 07713 978154,
Councillor Bryn Griffiths, 60 Meadowfield, Stokesley, , , TS9 5HH, 01642 711572, ,
Councillor Carl Les OBE, The Rosary, Kirklington, Bedale, , DL8 2LX, , 07860 639600,
Councillor Stuart Parsons, 10 Parkinsons Yard, Richmond, , , DL10 4JB, 01748 823456, ,
Councillor Yvonne Peacock, Manor Barn, Bainbridge, Leyburn, , DL8 3EE, 01969 650409, ,
Councillor Karin Sedgwick, 23 Park View, Leyburn, , , DL8 5HN, , 07946 413994,
Councillor John Weighell OBE, Southlands, Exelby Road, Bedale, , DL8 2ES, 01677 422275, ,
Councillor Annabel Wilkinson, 1 Ashtree Road, Bedale, , , DL8 1EX, 01677 426744, ,
Malcolm Warne, (Address not supplied)