Mailing list

Fearby; Healey and District Parish

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email

Alan Greensit, 23 Sandhill Lane, Aiskew, Bedale, , DL8 1UT, 01677 424221, ,
Councillor James Daniel Gregg, (Address not supplied)
Councillor James Hayman, 4 Gollinglith Foot, Healey, Ripon, , HG4 4LL, , ,
Councillor Nigel Bromhead, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Martin John Hope, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Claire Iveson, Low Knowle Farm, Ilton, Ripon, , HG4 4JZ, , ,
Councillor John Anthony Marsden, Charis, Fearby, Masham, Ripon, HG4 4NF, 01765 689314
Councillor Keith Marshall, Black Horse House, Healey, Masham, , HG4 4LH, , 07919 218483,
Councillor Shelley Searle, Springwood Farm, Healey, Masham, , HG4 4LH, 01765 688267, ,
Councillor James Leslie Thompson, Low Healey Cote Farm, Healey, Masham, , HG4 4NQ, , ,
Councillor Geoffrey Allan Verity, Hammersdale Farm, Ellingstring, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 4PW, 01677 460204, 07801 923656,