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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email

Sandra Botham, The Regen Centre, Landing Lane, Riccall, York, YO19 6PW, 01757 249222, ,
Councillor Howard Adamson, 12 Holmes Drive, Riccall, York, , YO19 6RT, 01757 248174
Councillor Keith Dawson, 3 Kelfield Road, Riccall, York, YO19 6PQ, , , 01757 248268
Councillor Brian E Keen, Fuschia Cottage, Kelfield Road, Riccall, , YO19 6PQ, 01757 249403, ,
Councillor Amanda Lee, 22 Holmes Drive, Riccall, York, , YO19 6RT, 07977 289668
Councillor Graham Lindsay, 6 King Rudding Close, Riccall, York, , YO19 6RY, , ,
Councillor Jeffery Marston, 25 Selby Road, Riccall, York, , YO19 6QP, , ,
Councillor Nicholas Nuttall, 1 King Rudding Close, Riccall, Yoek, , YO19 6RY, 01757 248016
Councillor Steve Sharp, White Rose Villa, 33 York Road, Riccall, York, YO19 6QG, 01757 248115
Councillor Alexander Lucas, 47c Main Street, Riccall, York, YO19 6QE, , , 01757 248124, ,
Councillor Jennifer Tongue, 4 Holmes Drive, Riccall, York, YO19 6RT, , , , 07740 854540