Mailing list


Each address below is displayed as a comma separated value (CSV) list. You can copy and paste this information into a text file. Open the file in your word processor or spreadsheet for use in mail merges.

To use this information as a mail merge in a Microsoft Word document, copy and paste all the names and addresses including the headings 'Name, Address1 etc' into a Word document. To put it into table format: Highlight all the text, go to Table/Convert text to table/Make sure 'separate text at commas' is chosen then OK.

Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email

Steve Culver, Barnstead, Newby, Clapham, Lancaster, LA2 8HR, 015242 51862, ,
Councillor John Dawson, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Diane Elphinstone, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Maria Farrer, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Alan C Price, (Address not supplied)
Councillor Ann Sheridan, (Address not supplied)