Issue - decisions

Schools Budgets

13/01/2022 - Schools Budgets

Having taken account of the comments made by Executive Members, and all the relevant information provided at the informal meeting of Executive Members on 11 January 2022, the Chief Executive Officer agreed to use his emergency delegated powers to approve that the Council:
i. Applies a Minimum Funding Guarantee (MFG) of +2.0% in the calculation of school budgets for the 2022/23 financial year.
ii. Uses age weighted pupil units (AWPU) as the methodology for the allocation to school budgets of any surplus funding available within the Schools Block DSG after the calculation of the school funding formula using National Funding Formula (NFF) values.
iii. Includes an exceptional circumstance lump sum of £50,000 for very small sparse secondary schools (which would otherwise be unable to attract sufficient funding to remain viable) in the 2022/23 North Yorkshire school funding formula. The estimated £100k additional funding requirement to be funded from the DSG Schools Block Reserve.
iv. Continues to push for a fairer and more equitable funding settlement for schools in North Yorkshire, and continue to lobby for a fairer settlement of High Needs resources.