Issue - decisions

Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School

18/03/2022 - Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School

Having taken account of the comments made by Executive Members, and all the relevant information provided in the associated report and at the informal meeting of Executive Members on 8 March 2022, the Chief Executive Officer agreed to use his emergency delegated powers to approve that;
i)Statutory proposals and notices be published on 1 April proposing to cease to maintain Weaverthorpe CE VC Primary School with effect from 31 August 2022.
ii) The proposals include that from 1 September 2022 the catchment area of Luttons Community Primary School is expanded to include the current Weaverthorpe School catchment area. There is an area of Weaverthorpe’s catchment area that is currently shared with Hertford Vale CE Primary School and it is proposed that area (Butterwick) remains part of Hertford Vale’s catchment area.
iii) A final decision on these proposals be scheduled for the Executive on 31 May 2022.