Issue - decisions

Foster Carer Payments

29/03/2023 - Foster Carer Payments

After consideration of the report and the completed Equalities Impact Assessment and Climate Change Impact Assessment it was agreed to raise Allowances, Premiums and Fees on 1 April 2023 by the rate of December CPI inflation applied to April 2022 payment levels

Accredited premiums and advanced/specialist Fees – To increase the accredited premium by 15%
Additional Payments:
• Introduction of bridging payments to accredited Foster Carers
• Pay the first 100 miles of transport
• Include Foster Carers in the Vivup Everybody Benefits scheme
• Introduction of a ‘Recommend a Friend’ and Golden Hello Scheme

Additionally, to keep Foster Carer payments under constant review. This review to be mindful of the impact of additional payments on both retention and recruitment.