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Footway Lighting Energy Reduction

22/09/2023 - Footway Lighting Energy Reduction

Considered – A report of the Corporate Director for Environment seeking approval for a 3-step plan to address significant ongoing maintenance and energy issues associated with Footway and Amenity lighting that has transferred to North Yorkshire Council following the recent Local Government Reorganisation.


Councillor Keane Duncan introduced the report confirming the Executive were being asked to consider an Invest to Save opportunity and to approve a £2.497million Capital investment that had the potential to deliver £440k annual energy savings (at current energy rates).  He also confirmed the Authority had three years to deliver the project, which covered all lighting inherited from the District & Borough Councils, including car park lighting.


Members noted the benefits of having all street lighting maintained by one Authority, the environmental benefits the investment would bring, and the financial return on the investment.  It was suggested that should there be a future proposal to extend the scheme, a business case would be required to ensure probity and transparency.


Councillor Paul Haslam suggested that the use of sensor active lighting in appropriate places should be considered as part of the plan.


Having welcomed the proposal, the Executive


Resolved – That:

i.      A £2.497million capital investment be approved to replace former District/Borough Council footway lighting with new energy efficient LED technology. This includes the replacement of obsolete concrete lighting columns and cast-iron wall/post bracket.

ii.      The part-night lighting be introduced in the areas that were covered by footway lighting provided by the former district and borough councils wherever possible.