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Music Service fees

05/03/2024 - Music Service fees

That an 8% increase be applied to Music Centre fees from April 2024 to reflect rising costs of the teaching staff and venue hire
Music Centre – 2 sessions (full morning)£74 (8% increase)
Music Centre – 1 session (part morning)£59.50 (8% increase)
That changes to fees and Terms and Conditions are actioned when the new billing system goes live in September 2024. Parents will be charged up front and will pay for the actual number of lessons they are able to receive (traditionally lessons falling on Mondays have meant parents receive less due to bank holidays and school training days).
ServiceSeptember 2024 (dependant on number of lessons offered)
Tuition in a group £80 - £91.40
Individual tuition – 20 min£156.30 – £167.40
Group of two – 30 min£156.30 – £167.40 (capped at 30 lesson cost)
Individual tuition – 30 min£219.50 - £235.17 (capped at 30 lesson cost)
That the savings plan set out in point 6 is adopted, with a further review of remissions in 2025.
That school fees remain static so to build back our custom base and support schools with the New National Plan for Music