Issue - decisions

Strategic review of the Outdoor Learning Service

24/09/2021 - Strategic review of the Outdoor Learning Service

The Chief Executive Officer considered the report presented at the informal meeting of Executive Members held on 21 September 2021. Having taken account of the comments made by Executive Members and all relevant information provided at the meeting, he:
i)Approved in principle the redevelopment of Bewerley Park in two phases, with a new accommodation block in phase 1 funded by a policy investment and the central hub and further accommodation in phase 2 linked to recommendation v.
ii)Approved in principle improvements at East Barnby to ensure facilities are of a standard which can maintain existing customers and grow the customer base.
iii)Approved an investment of up to £400,000 for the Outdoor Learning Service alongside the Property Service, Procurement and the North Yorkshire consultancy ‘Align Property Partners’, to move to full business case to include:
•draw up detailed designs for capital work at both sites
•investigate and apply for any required planning permission
•undertake any surveys necessary in securing planning permission
•go to the market for tenders for the proposed building work
iv)Offered the Outdoor Learning Service the opportunity to prove it can operate as an efficient service with a commercial ethos by undertaking the following:
•Implement a new Outdoor Learning Strategy which includes marketing and business development
•Recruitment to key posts in the service leadership team
•Evidence of an increase in engagement with customers and external organisations, where permitted.
•Evidence of investigating commercial opportunities
•Evidence of seeking out other funding streams
v)Invited the service to return with a full business case, to agree the implementation of phase 1.
This decision was taken in consultation with Executive Members