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Highways Capital Programme 2021/22 - Additional Schemes

23/08/2021 - Highways Capital Programme 2021/22 - Additional Schemes

To agree the additional schemes for delivery in the 2021/22 financial year:

• Storiths Lane, Craven - substantial landslip occurred
in February 2021 causing road closure. Consultants
commissioned to develop detailed design

• York Road, Chain Lane, Harrogate - resurfacing of
road/Wetherby junction which is in poor condition.
These works were not fully incorporated into the
Section 278 developer funded works

• Horningington Bridge, Tadcaster - collapse of
parapets into the watercourse due to earlier flooding
event in early 2021. Funding is required to recover
and rebuild this section

• Canal Bridge, Selby - the Canal River Trust (CRT) is
refurbishing the bridge workings and NYCC is duty
bound to pay for the resurfacing when this work is
undertaken. Funding is to pay CRT to deliver this

[As a non-key decision by an officer and the implementation of an earlier key decision made on 21 August 2020, the decision is not open to call in]