Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Filey Sea Wall – Award of Contract10/06/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Old Town Hall and Market Place, Whitby10/06/2024For Determination08/07/2024
Maple Park (Hambleton) LLP and Hambleton District Holdings Limited10/06/2024For Determination17/09/2024
Young People's Pathway10/06/2024UrgentFor Determination02/07/2024
Director of Public Health Annual Report 202410/06/2024For Determination05/11/2024
Scarborough Harbour West Pier07/06/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Application for funding from the Public Sector Heat Decarbonisation Scheme Phase 407/06/2024For Determination02/09/2024
Decision to undertake a procurement exercise for the adaptation and refurbishment of the former Ings Community Primary School, Skipton to create satellite SEN provision for Brooklands Special School, Skipton16/04/2024For Determination17/06/2024
Amendments to the Council's Constitution05/06/2024For Determination24/07/2024
Amendments to the Council’s Constitution05/06/2024For Determination09/07/2024
North Yorkshire Council Climate Change Strategy Delivery Pathway05/06/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Consultation on the de-designation of Children Centres31/05/2024For Determination16/07/2024
St Hilda’s Ampleforth Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School – School Closure Proposal31/05/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management Fixed Electrical Inspection and Testing and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management General Building – Responsive Repairs31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Asbestos Abatement – asbestos removal31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Chimneys, Lightning Conductors and other High Access Structures: Inspections and Maintenance31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Contract for Hard Facilities Management PE and External Play Equipment: Inspection and Minor Repair31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Fire and Intruder Alarms: Servicing and Responsive Maintenance31/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Interim Supply of Wheeled Bins03/06/2024For Determination14/06/2024
Contract for Water Retailer29/05/2024For Determination01/07/2024
Instruction for Habitat Bank regulation agreements28/05/2024For Determination25/06/2024
Tenancy Policy and Consultation Plan28/05/2024For Determination10/07/2024
Anti-social Behaviour Policy and Consultation Plan28/05/2024For Determination10/07/2024
HRA Policy Framework28/05/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Procurement of System for Planning and Building Control28/05/2024For Determination25/06/2024
Hovingham Neighbourhood Plan – Area Designation approval28/05/2024For Determination25/06/2024
Consultation on changes to the Council’s Home to School Travel Policy25/01/2024UrgentFor Determination16/07/2024
Low Street public realm improvements, Sherburn in Elmet17/05/2024For Determination17/06/2024
Decision to procure - Changing Places facility and other improvements at Tadcaster Bus Station17/05/2024For Determination17/06/2024
Targeted Mainstream Provisions – Change of designation17/05/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Highways Capital Programme 2025-2617/05/2024For Determination01/11/2024
Highways Capital Programme 2025-26 - Headline Allocations17/05/2024For Determination06/09/2024
Highways Capital Programme 2025-26 - Headline Allocations17/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy10/02/2023For Determination18/06/2024
Title: DfE Teachers Pension Employer Contribution Grant (Special Schools and Pupil Referral Units) – Funding Consultation Approval Request03/05/2024For Determination02/07/2024
2025/26 Dedicated Schools Grant – Funding Consultation Approval Request03/05/2024For Determination02/07/2024
Temporary Accommodation Business Case03/05/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Bikeability Scheme 2025-2617/05/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Submission of data to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England14/05/2024For Determination09/07/2024
Administrative amendments to the LGPS Discretions Policy03/05/2024For Determination24/07/2024
Transfer of part of former Northallerton School and Sixth Form College (Grammar School Lane) to the Department for Education.03/05/2024For Determination16/07/2024
North Yorkshire and York Local Nature Recovery (LNRS) Strategy) - Publication30/04/2024For Determination18/03/2025
North Yorkshire and York Local Nature Recovery (LNRS) Strategy - Consultation Draft30/04/2024For Determination06/09/2024
Care Market Representative Contract26/04/2024For Determination28/06/2024
Examiner’s Report on the Pannal and Burn Bridge Neighbourhood Plan - Decision Statement and Referendum24/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Consultation on changes to the Council’s Home to School Travel Policy24/04/2024For Determination24/07/2024
Cultural Strategy for North Yorkshire24/04/2024For Determination05/11/2024
Long Term Plan for Scarborough19/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Approval of West Harrogate Infrastructure Delivery Strategy (WHIDS) and update for West Harrogate Parameters Plan (WHPP) Appendix A Infrastructure Schedule18/04/2024For Determination24/06/2024
Strategic Speed Limit Review Strategy16/04/2024For Determination09/08/2024
Final Recommendations on the Community Governance Reviews for Harrogate and Scarborough16/04/2024For Determination24/07/2024
North Yorkshire Autism Strategy16/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Allocation of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) Income Surplus11/04/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Procurement for the unadopted roads Harrogate area09/04/2024For Determination14/06/2024
Works to accompany the Harrogate Station Gateway TCF scheme (signal and junction works and enhancements to Station Square)09/04/2024For Determination14/06/2024
Scarborough Boat Lift and associated works09/04/2024For Determination14/06/2024
Renovation and new façade for the Selby station building09/04/2024For Determination14/06/2024
Review of Maximum Hackney Carriage Fares09/04/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan – Decision Statement and referendum09/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Double Devolution – Pilot Business Case sign-off05/04/2024For Determination17/12/2024
Double Devolution – Pilot Business Case sign-off05/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Double Devolution – Pilot Business Case sign-off05/04/2024For Determination15/10/2024
Extension of Contract for Mental Health Supported Housing25/03/2024For Determination12/07/2024
Boroughbridge High School, Boroughbridge – Proposal to remove Sixth Form Provision25/03/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Local Authority Housing Funding22/03/2024For Determination09/07/2024
Review of North Yorkshire Bus Service Improvement Plan12/03/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Council-Run Care Provision in Malton & Pickering12/03/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Introduction of a Dynamic Purchasing System - Passenger Transport Services29/02/2024For Determination12/07/2024
To consider North Yorkshire Council's Revenue Budget 2025/26 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)23/02/2024For Determination19/02/2025
Revenue Budget 2025/26 and Medium Term Financial Strategy - To make recommendation to Full Council23/02/2024For Determination21/01/2025
Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report23/02/2024For Determination18/02/2025
Adult Learning and Skills Service Accountability Agreement 2024-2519/02/2024For Determination18/06/2024
Whitby Harbourside Public Realm14/02/2024For Determination06/09/2024
York & North Yorkshire Key Route Network12/02/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Fire Equipment: Inspection and Supply13/10/2023For Determination12/07/2024
Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders for Harrogate Town Centre19/01/2024For Determination17/09/2024
Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders for Selby Town Centre19/01/2024For Determination09/08/2024
Local Transport Plan Approval31/05/2023For Determination13/11/2024
Specialist Care Approved Provider List18/12/2023For Determination13/09/2024
Housing Enforcement Policy15/12/2023For Determination16/07/2024
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report21/11/2023For Determination19/11/2024
Q1 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report21/11/2023For Determination20/08/2024
Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy07/11/2023For Determination24/07/2024
Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy07/11/2023For Determination09/07/2024
Annual Review of Member Champions30/08/2023For Determination15/10/2024
Contract for the Provision of a Disabled Children’s Approved Providers List31/05/2023For Determination04/06/2024
Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2023/24 - A review of the work of overview and scrutiny committees in 2023/24 and looking ahead to the work that will be undertaken in 2024/2526/07/2023For Determination24/07/2024
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy15/02/2023For Determination24/07/2024
Managing Adult Social Care Pressures17/11/2022For Determination17/09/2024
Proposed extra care housing scheme20/09/2022For Determination17/09/2024
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination17/09/2024