Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Local Management Of Schools (LMS) Procurement And Contract Procedure Rules27/03/2023For Determination09/05/2023
Youth Justice Grant27/03/2023For Determination23/05/2023
Music Service Arts Council Bid27/03/2023For Determination09/05/2023
Response to DEFRA - Food Waste Collections in North Yorkshire23/03/2023For Determination17/05/2023
Response to DEFRA - Food Waste Collections in North Yorkshire23/03/2023UrgentFor Determination02/05/2023
Implications of TUPE23/03/2023For Determination17/05/2023
Recommendation to Full Council from Executive - Implications of TUPE23/03/2023UrgentFor Determination02/05/2023
Harrogate Business Improvement District renewal23/03/2023For Determination19/04/2023
Service Harmonisation - Waste and Recycling17/03/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Selby Area Garden Waste Service17/03/2023For Determination20/06/2023
New Contract for Highway Asset Management System13/03/2023For Determination28/04/2023
SEN Capital Programme13/03/2023For Determination18/04/2023
Review of the SEND Residential Provision – Welburn Hall School13/03/2023For Determination18/04/2023
Border to Coast North Yorkshire LP – Update to Governance Documents10/03/2023UrgentFor Determination21/03/2023
Re-procurement of the Carers Break Service07/03/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Bikeability Scheme 2023-2024 - Acceptance of Grant offer07/03/2023UrgentFor Determination27/03/2023
Handyperson service07/03/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) Pilot Upscaling – Acceptance of Grant07/03/2023UrgentFor Determination14/03/2023
A59 Kex Gill Project Development - Grant acceptance02/03/2023UrgentFor Determination21/03/2023
Contract for a card payment and income management system that allows residents to make payments for Council services online02/03/2023For Determination11/04/2023
Procurement of a new Assistive Technology service02/03/2023For Determination09/06/2023
Office Furniture Removal, Storage and Disposal Services27/02/2023For Determination29/03/2023
Post 16 Policy Statement on Home to School Transport17/02/2023For Determination21/03/2023
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management Asbestos Abatement – asbestos removal15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management PE and External Play Equipment: Inspection and Minor Repair15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management General Building – Responsive Repairs15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Asbestos Analysis - surveys and supervision15/02/2023For Determination01/09/2023
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management Fire Equipment: Inspection and Supply15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract Extension for Hard Facilities Management Chimneys, Lighting Conductors and other High Access Structures: Inspections and Maintenance15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Fixed Electrical Inspection and Testing and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Automatic Doors: Inspection and Responsive Maintenance15/02/2023For Determination12/05/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Lifts: Servicing and Responsive Maintenance15/02/2023For Determination12/05/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Water Hygiene: Risk Assessment and Monitoring15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Mechanical Equipment and Plant: Servicing and Responsive Maintenance15/02/2023For Determination14/04/2023
Approval to submit a bid to the National Institute of Health and Care Research15/02/2023For Determination12/05/2023
Lowering the Age Range of Overdale Community Primary School10/02/2023For Determination18/04/2023
Schools Condition Capital Programme 2023/24.15/02/2023For Determination30/05/2023
Shortlist of Projects for the Net Zero Fund15/02/2023UrgentFor Determination13/03/2023
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy15/02/2023For Determination19/07/2023
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy10/02/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Proposal to amalgamate Caedmon College Whitby and Eskdale School.10/02/2023For Determination20/06/2023
Proposal to amalgamate Caedmon College Whitby and Eskdale School.10/02/2023For Determination18/04/2023
North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board - Terms of Reference15/02/2023For Determination17/05/2023
For recommendation to Council - North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board - Terms of Reference10/02/2023For Determination18/04/2023
Recommended Approach to Plan Making for North Yorkshire10/02/2023For Determination17/05/2023
Outdoor Learning Service10/02/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2022/23 - A review of the work of overview and scrutiny committees in 2022/23 and looking ahead to the work that will be undertaken in 2023/2415/02/2023For Determination19/07/2023
Approval of North Yorkshire Council Maximum table of fares for Hackney Carriage drivers from 1 April 202330/01/2023For Determination21/03/2023
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report30/01/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Q1 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report30/01/2023For Determination22/08/2023
Q4 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report30/01/2023For Determination30/05/2023
Wider Asks and Strategy Update30/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Key Financial and Implementation Principles30/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
Shortlist of projects for Brownfield Housing Fund30/01/2023For Determination13/03/2023
DAS Social Care Case Management System26/01/2023For Determination13/02/2023
Rural England Prosperity Fund - Grant acceptance26/01/2023For Determination16/04/2023
Skelton Newby Hall CE VC Primary School – School Closure Proposal06/01/2023For Determination30/05/2023
Skelton Newby Hall CE VC Primary School – School Closure Proposal06/01/2023For Determination21/03/2023
Electricity energy tariff for the council for the period 1 April 2024 – 31 March 202522/12/2022For Determination01/06/2023
Consideration of expressions of interest for Double Devolution Pilot22/12/2022For Determination22/08/2023
Harmonised Fee structure for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire licensing across North Yorkshire from 1st April 202322/12/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Foster Carer Payments22/12/2022For Determination28/03/2023
Proposal to close Hovingham CE VC Primary School, Hovingham16/12/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Consider recommendations from the Executive regarding the Motion on Proportional Representation25/11/2022For Determination17/05/2023
Community Networks14/10/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Consider the adoption of the Parish Charter23/11/2022For Determination18/07/2023
Title: Contract for electricity supply to commence from the 1st April 202418/11/2022For Determination01/06/2023
Contract for gas supply from the 1st April 202518/11/2022For Determination01/09/2023
Managing Adult Social Care Pressures17/11/2022For Determination02/05/2023
Contract for Liquid Fuel (Heating Oil)10/11/2022For Determination05/05/2023
Proposed extra care housing scheme20/09/2022For Determination20/06/2023
Local Area SEND Strategy Adoption27/06/2022For Determination18/04/2023
Outdoor Learning Service07/03/2022For Determination19/09/2023
Confirm Statutory Instrument to create Combined Authority14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Appointment to District Companies and Outside Bodies14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Approval of Customer Service Standards and Policies14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Pilots town/parish councils who have additional powers and responsibilities for the unitary council14/06/2022For Determination21/03/2023
Recommendations to County Council regarding the Community Governance Review of Harrogate and Scarboroughwhether to proceed with a Community Governance Review04/05/2022For Determination19/07/2023
Future arrangements for the Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination19/09/2023
Future arrangements for the Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination20/06/2023
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination19/09/2023
Care market proposals for South Craven01/10/2021For Determination20/06/2023