Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Procurement of Suppliers for the Acceptance and Processing of Garden Waste29/11/2023UrgentFor Determination18/12/2023
Changes to Services to be delivered by Yorwaste Ltd using the ‘Teckal’ Procurement Exemption27/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Information and Advice Services - extension of contracts27/11/2023For Determination12/01/2024
Environmental Services Charges for 2024-2527/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Highway Development Service - Design and Construction Project - Selby SEN School Access Works28/11/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Sector Led Improvement Partner Programme (SLIP) Grant Funding27/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Acquisition of Property to Meet Identified Need24/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report21/11/2023For Determination19/11/2024
Q1 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report21/11/2023For Determination20/08/2024
Q4 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report21/11/2023For Determination28/05/2024
Fountains Earth, Lofthouse, Church of England Endowed VC Primary School – School Closure Proposal21/11/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Provision of Internal Audit, Counter Fraud and Related Governance Services17/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Bikeability Grant 2024-2517/11/2023For Determination18/12/2023
Finance Update16/11/2023For Determination15/12/2023
MCA Organisational Structure Update15/11/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Fees payable for external providers of social care provision10/11/2023For Determination09/02/2024
MCA Economic Framework15/11/2023For Determination15/12/2023
MCA Local Assurance Framework15/11/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Request to bid for Social Housing Decarbonisation Grant (wave 2.2)15/11/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Devolution Deal Net Zero Fund: Acceptance of grant funding13/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Fees for inhouse community care services 2024/2510/11/2023For Determination09/02/2024
MCA Governance Arrangements15/11/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Delivery of the New Settlement (Maltkiln) Development Plan Document10/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Approval of criteria and fee for entry on to the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding register07/11/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Director of Public Health Annual Report07/11/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) Monitoring and Reporting fees07/11/2023For Determination05/12/2023
Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy07/11/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy07/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Grant Acceptance07/11/2023UrgentFor Determination22/11/2023
Department for Transport – Safer Roads Fund 3. Application and Acceptance of funding for Road Safety Improvements on A19, Selby06/10/2023UrgentFor Determination16/11/2023
Provision of accommodation for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children & move on accommodation for looked after children03/11/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Development of temporary accommodation and housing options for the homeless03/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Review of Car Park Tariff 202403/11/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Acceptance of Grant Funding – Department for Education (DfE) Skills Bootcamps (Wave 5) 2024-2503/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Procurement of consolidated Revenue, Benefits, Citizen Access and Document Management systems03/11/2023For Determination06/12/2023
Key Decision in relation to Gas Servicing / Boiler Maintenance Contracts30/10/2023For Determination06/12/2023
Admission Arrangements 2025/2630/10/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Admission Arrsngements 2025/202630/10/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Housing Strategy 2024 to 202930/10/2023For Determination15/05/2024
Housing Strategy 2024 to 202930/10/2023For Determination19/03/2024
Re-procurement of GIS solution26/10/2023For Determination07/12/2023
Registrar, Coroner and Bereavement Services Fees and Charges 2024/2025 and 2025/202623/10/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Otley Road Sustainable Transport Package18/10/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Harrogate (West) 20mph Petition Review18/10/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Contract for Hard Facilities Management Fire Equipment: Inspection and Supply13/10/2023For Determination04/12/2023
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman Public Report13/10/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Outdoor Learning Service10/02/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Proposal to consult on changes to the Council’s Home to School Transport Polic06/10/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Contract for gas supply from the 1st April 202518/11/2022For Determination16/01/2024
North Yorkshire Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) Projects26/09/2023UrgentFor Determination28/11/2023
Supported Internship (SI) Approved Provider List (Deliver commencing 1st August 2024)29/09/2023For Determination19/12/2023
2024/25 Mainstream School and Special School Budgets25/09/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Library Management System procurement22/09/2023For Determination13/12/2023
Full Business Cases for Brownfield Housing funding programme22/09/2023For Determination15/12/2023
Proposed Selective Licensing scheme in Scarborough15/09/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Allocations scheme for the provision of social housing – approval of the proposed North Yorkshire Council allocations policy for social housing following public consultation13/09/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Adoption of the Statement of Community Involvement11/09/2023For Determination14/02/2024
Proposed Selective Licensing scheme in Scarborough15/09/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Personalised Learning College (PLC)31/08/2023For Determination19/12/2023
Changes to services delivered by Yorwaste Ltd using the Teckal Procurement Exemption, for services within the Selby locality area.31/08/2023For Determination18/12/2023
Allocations scheme for the provision of social housing – approval of the proposed North Yorkshire Council allocations policy for social housing following public consultation07/09/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Annual Review of Member Champions30/08/2023For Determination16/04/2024
Substance Use Strategy Consultation25/08/2023For Determination12/01/2024
A review of the number of Outside Bodies North Yorkshire Council now has responsibility to appoint to following the amalgamation of the seven legacy District and Borough Council’s, with a view to reducing the number21/08/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Future provision of the North Yorkshire Weight Management Service18/08/2023For Determination15/03/2024
Schools Online Payments Framework18/08/2023For Determination30/11/2023
Levelling Up Fund – Catterick Garrison Town Centre Regeneration Project – Completion of Heads of Terms14/08/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Shaping the future of Leisure Services in North Yorkshire: Outcomes of the Strategic Leisure Review07/08/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Contract for the provision of Warm and Well Winter Health Co-ordination15/05/2023For Determination15/03/2024
Contract for the Provision of a Disabled Children’s Approved Providers List31/05/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Contract for the Provision of Intercounty Adoption Support Services31/05/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Contract for the Provision of Primary Care Services15/05/2023For Determination12/04/2024
Options Appraisal for Highway Engineering Design and Consultancy (2020)28/07/2023For Determination07/12/2023
Annual Overview and Scrutiny Report 2023/24 - A review of the work of overview and scrutiny committees in 2023/24 and looking ahead to the work that will be undertaken in 2024/2526/07/2023For Determination17/07/2024
Council Plan 2024- 202828/06/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Council Plan 2024- 202828/06/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Local Transport Plan Approval31/05/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Review of Outside Bodies31/05/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Review of Outside Bodies31/05/2023For Determination09/01/2024
Asset Disposal31/05/2023For Determination12/12/2023
To consider North Yorkshire Council's Revenue Budget 2024/25 and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)15/05/2023For Determination21/02/2024
Revenue Budget 2024/25 and Medium Term Financial Strategy - To make recommendation to Full Council15/05/2023For Determination23/01/2024
Q3 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report15/05/2023For Determination20/02/2024
Information and Advice Service31/03/2023For Determination08/12/2023
Procurement of a new technology enabled care service02/03/2023For Determination08/12/2023
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy15/02/2023For Determination24/07/2024
North Yorkshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy10/02/2023For Determination18/06/2024
Q2 Performance Monitoring and Budget Report30/01/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Managing Adult Social Care Pressures17/11/2022For Determination06/02/2024
Proposed extra care housing scheme20/09/2022For Determination06/02/2024
Future arrangements for the Harrogate and Rural Alliance11/02/2022For Determination19/03/2024
Redeployment of land to the north and south of Crosshills Lane, Selby09/02/2021For Determination19/03/2024