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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
LB158-2022 Trumper / Whitby West ref: 196926/09/202211/10/20220
LB157-2022 Sedgwick / Leyburn and Middleham ref: 196826/09/202211/10/20220
LB156-2022 Proud / Selby East ref: 196726/09/202211/10/20220
LB155-2022 Poskitt / Tadcaster ref: 196626/09/202211/10/20220
LB154-2022 Peacock / Upper Dales ref: 196526/09/202211/10/20220
LB153-2022 Parsons / Richmond ref: 196426/09/202211/10/20220
LB152-2022 Parsons / Richmond ref: 196326/09/202211/10/20220
LB151-2022 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 196226/09/202211/10/20220
LB150-2022 Moorhouse / Great Ayton ref: 196126/09/202211/10/20220
LB149-2022 Marsh / Stray, Woodlands and Hookstone ref: 196026/09/202211/10/20220
LB148-2022 Lunn / Thorpe Willoughby and Hambleton ref: 195926/09/202211/10/20220
LB147-2022 Jones / Scotton and Lower Wensleydale ref: 195826/09/202211/10/20220
LB146-2022 Ireton / Bentham and Ingleton ref: 195726/09/202211/10/20220
LB145-2022 Gostlow / Knaresborough East ref: 195626/09/202211/10/20220
LB144-2022 R Foster / Wharfedale ref: 195526/09/202211/10/20220
LB143-2022 Colling / Falsgrave and Stepney ref: 195426/09/202211/10/20220
LB142-2022 Brodigan / Ripon Ure Bank and Spa ref: 195326/09/202211/10/20220
LB141-2022 Brodigan / Ripon Ure Bank and Spa ref: 195226/09/202211/10/20220
LB140-2022 Arthur / Cliffe and North Duffield ref: 195126/09/202211/10/20220