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20mph Speed Limit for High and Low Bentham

We the undersigned petition the Council to implement a 20mph speed limit in High and Low Bentham, replacing the current 30mph speed limit.

Local factors
- High Bentham’s shopping centre is criss-crossed by pedestrians
- Many pavements in High Bentham are narrow
- The primary school is in the 30mph zone, close to a 40mph zone. The speed of traffic puts parents off from cycling or walking to school with their children.
- The main road coming from Burton in Lonsdale through Low Bentham has a steep hill with no pavement in places.
- Many residents at the new extra care facility at Bowland View fear visiting the town centre due to the difficulty for them of crossing the road. This is divisive for our community.
- The cancellation of all [1] bus services into the nearest major town, Lancaster, has led to an increase in traffic, noise and vehicle related air pollution.
- Many other towns and villages in the vicinity, such as Burton in Lonsdale, Ingleton, Austwick and Settle, not to mention areas of Lancaster, have 20 mph speed limits.

Being hit at 20mph is like falling into a 3.6m trench (or from a 1st floor window). At 30mph it's like falling into a 8.8m trench (or from a 3rd floor window)

Improving public health 
Lower speeds also encourage more people to be active, or walk and cycle. Fear of motor traffic is one of the biggest reasons why people choose not to cycle, with 44 percent of people saying they would cycle more if the roads were safer. Vehicles travelling at 20mph create 50% less noise than at 30mph.

Climate Change
The introduction of 30kph zones in Germany led to drivers changing gear less, braking less, and requiring 12 percent less fuel.

[Note 1] There is one bus from High Bentham to Lancaster at 17.21 Monday to Friday, which is fine if you’re planning never to return!

Started by: Peter Lennard and Kevin Watt

This ePetition runs from 06/02/2024 to 06/05/2024.

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