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Keep St Hilda's CE Primary School Ampleforth Open

We the undersigned petition the Council to keep St Hilda's CE Primary School Ampleforth open to secure education in the community for future generations.

A consultation is taking place about the possible closure of St Hilda's School Ampleforth.

This small, rural, Church of England School cannot be closed. It offers a wonderful learning environment for children.

Recently numbers have dropped due to the closure of nearby Hovingham CofE School but with a chance and some time the school should be given the opportunity to thrive again, there are families wanting their children to attend in the future and several children wanting to attend in reception 2025.

Should the school close it would have an impact on the village and wider community. North Yorkshire Council would also have to provide transport to an alternative school.

Please support us as we campaign to keep St Hilda's open for the benefit of children, families and the wider community. If we don't act now it will be lost for future generations.

Started by: Amanda Cornforth-Smith

This ePetition runs from 28/02/2024 to 28/08/2024.

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