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Land to AWE for nature in Allerston

We the undersigned petition the Council to give 10 acres of land at Low Farm Allerston to Allerston Wildlife Enthusiasts to create a haven for wildlife for the benefit of the Community.

Petition to save 10 acres of land at Low Farm Allerston for nature, by giving it to Allerston Wildlife Enthusiasts.

• Allerston Wildlife Enthusiasts (AWE) is a group of individuals from Allerston and the surrounding area who want to improve the local area for wildlife and nature through direct action, which includes acquiring land in Allerston to create a haven for wildlife.
• North Yorkshire Council (NYC) owns two farms in Allerston which have been rented for decades to tenant farmers but are both now vacant. New South Farm consists of 98 acres and on 6th March 2024 it was put on the market for sale by Public Online Auction. Low Farm consists of approximately 100 acres and it is understood that discussions have taken place with a developer about the redevelopment of some of the buildings to create housing, a play area and allotments and that the remainder of Low Farm is expected to be put on the market for sale in the near future.
• There has been a national decline in wildlife habitats and the Allerston area is no exception.
• North Yorkshire Council itself has a biodiversity action plan that identifies habitats and species that may need conservation help. Their website states that sites of importance for nature are, as a result of increasing pressures, often small isolated and fragmented and that their Environmental Team is working with partners to protect 750 sites in the County. [http://www.northyorks.gov.uk Ecology and wildlife].
• The Ryedale Biodiversity Action Plan (RBAP) pointed out that the world is losing biodiversity at an alarming rate and provides some examples : just seven hectares of acidic oak woodland exists, less than 4% of the area estimated to exist 20 years ago; surveys of great crested newts in the 1990’s suggested that around one third of field ponds had disappeared during the last 20 years. Loss of biodiversity is not inevitable and it is possible to take action on a small and local scale, the accumulation of which can make a real difference to wildlife. [RBAP 2007-2012 p.7]
• In Yorkshire in recent times more than 98% of traditional meadows and woodlands that are two key butterfly habitats, have been lost. Many butterflies are in decline and a quarter are facing extinction; the Duke of Burgundy and Pearl Bordered Fritillary are particularly vulnerable due to habitat loss and are increasingly susceptible to extinction. [Butterfly Conservation at http://www.yorkshirebutterflies.org.uk].
• The sale of Low Farm provides a one time opportunity to safeguard a significant area of land which AWE would protect from the vagaries of farming and development to create a habitat where wildlife, flora and fauna can thrive for the benefit of the community now and be a legacy for future generations.
• We the undersigned who reside, work or study in North Yorkshire therefore present this Petition to request North Yorkshire Council to give 10 acres of land at Low Farm to AWE to create a haven for wildlife.

Started by: Laura Stephenson

This ePetition ran from 11/03/2024 to 11/06/2024 and has now finished.

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