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Roecliffe Ln longstanding poor road conditions and HGV traffic

We the undersigned petition the Council to substantially bring forward the planned full re-surface of Roecliffe Ln, from the estimated 2025 to significantly sooner, and to implement future-proofing changes to the road and it's 7.5t Access Only rule that would significantly reduce the volume of disruptive HGV traffic.

Due to the poor conditions, traffic and HGVs:
1. A number of houses in proximity to the road shake << my main personal issue for my own house.
2. Constant loud road noise, especially when trucks/buses/trailers clatter over potholes.
2. Cyclists are at hazard, having to cycling in the middle of the road to avoid potholes (including me), or risk cycling over the potholes.

Notable facts which evidence has been collected for already:
- The road was well over 60th position in the backlog of roads to re-surface.
- A 2018 road order effectively gives HGVs free reign, if they access services within the town. This mostly negates the reason for having a 7.5T limit and is not a resident focused decision.
- The road is a 7.5T Access Only limit. Only delivery trucks should access it in theory. However, this is disregarded many HGV drivers. Communications from a sample of the companies admit the drivers should not be on the road and often use it as a rat-run and/or to access Morrisons to re-fuel.
- There is no HGV enforecement on the road by Trading Standards. The fines are also very small and not a strong deterrent.
- Recent Police traffic data proves a significant percentage of the roads thousands of vehicles per day are HGVs (yes, thousands on a short 0.3 mile residential road), of which said vehicles are proven to also be speeding on average.
- Residents and Boroughbridge Council (and in the media multiple times), have been complaining frequently about the road for a large number of years, with little/no action performed. Long-time residents can attest to this.
- There is poor signage / deterrents for HGVs, and existing signs aren't maintained so can become over grown with foliage. Additional 7.5t signs could be added, and made to be more assertive (the large, bright yellow variety). The road could also be phsyically modified to deter HGVs and calm traffic so the road is far less of a rat-run. Other surrounding towns are already doing such things!
- There can be nearly 100 cyclists per day, especially during summer as Roecliffe Ln is part of the "way of the roses" cycle route. You frequently hear them shouting caution at each other, and complaining.

Started by: Matthew Dawson-Paver

This ePetition ran from 03/09/2023 to 10/01/2024 and has now finished.

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