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Urgent Petition to Save Alpamare Water Park, Protect Jobs, and Preserve Community Infrastructure

We the undersigned petition the Council to urgently request the councils intervention in saving Alpamare Water Park. As it faces receivership, we believe it is crucial to bring it under the council's stewardship and reopen it with financial support. Alpamare is not just a water park; it is a vital resource for our community. It offers diverse activities such as aquafit, swim tots, and swimming lessons, contributing significantly to the health and well-being of our residents. Moreover, it serves as a crucial social hub, fostering community connections through its pools, spa, and saunas. We are distressed to learn that, currently, nobody currently is overseeing the maintenance of the building. Staff have been informed that they are no longer employed, starting from the 10th November 2023. This situation poses a significant risk of damage to the facility, particularly the pools, as they are no longer under maintenance.

We urge the council to address this matter urgently and formulate a plan to ensure that the building and swimming pools are not left in disrepair.

The potential deterioration of this community asset is not only a loss to the residents but also risks harming the local economy and tourism industry. We implore the council to act promptly, not only to save jobs but also to protect the infrastructure that is integral to our community.

We trust that you will consider this matter with the urgency it deserves.

The council used public money (£9 million) to help fund Alpamare. We now request that they give this pool back to the community and any profits made are used to reinvest and develop this area.

Started by: Sarah Forsyth

This ePetition runs from 19/11/2023 to 19/02/2024.

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