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The records of decisions by Executive Members and Corporate Directors for the period January 2020 to February 2021 are available to view via the Library Archive.

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Filey Sea Wall Refurbishment – Award of Contract ref: 517918/07/202426/07/20240
Outdoor Learning Service Fees and Charges 2025/2026 ref: 517818/07/202426/07/20240
Opposed Public Footpath No. 35.7/5 Beal Diversion Order 2024 ref: 518012/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
LB199-2024 A Wilkinson / Morton-on-Swale and Appleton Wiske ref: 517716/07/202425/07/20240
LB198-2024 Webster / Bedale ref: 517615/07/202425/07/20240
LB197-2024 Warneken / Ouseburn ref: 517517/07/202425/07/20240
LB196-2024 Trumper / Whitby West ref: 517414/07/202425/07/20240
LB195-2024 Trumper / Whitby West ref: 517314/07/202425/07/20240
LB194-2024 Shaw-Wright / Selby West ref: 517217/07/202425/07/20240
LB193-2024 Parsons / Richmond ref: 517117/07/202425/07/20240
LB192-2024 Noland / Skipton North and Embsay-with-Eastby ref: 517016/07/202425/07/20240
LB191-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 516916/07/202425/07/20240
LB190-2024 Jordan / Camblesforth and Carlton ref: 516815/07/202425/07/20240
LB189-2024 Jordan / Camblesforth and Carlton ref: 516717/07/202425/07/20240
LB188-2024 Griffiths / Stokesley ref: 516615/07/202425/07/20240
Assessment of Assets of Community Value Nomination NYCACV0045 The Jefferson Arms ref: 516410/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Highways Capital Programme 2025-26 - Headline Allocations ref: 516312/07/202424/07/20240
Assessment of Assets of Community Value Nomination The George & Dragon Public House Whitley ref: 516515/07/202415/07/2024Not for call-in
Request to submit a ‘scale up’ request for Devolution Deal Net Zero Fund projects: Decarbonising Community Transport and Decarbonising Community Buildings ref: 516209/07/202409/07/2024Not for call-in
Bikeability Scheme 2025-26 ref: 516112/07/202423/07/20240
Consideration of Objectives - North Yorkshire Council (various roads, Borough of Harrogate) (Disabled Person’s Parking Bays) (No 12) Order 2024 ref: 516012/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
HM Government Consultation on UK Emissions Trading Scheme Scope Expansion: Waste ref: 515912/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
Proposed Introduction of a 40mph Speed Limit on Bishopdyke Road (B1222), Sherburn in Elmet ref: 515812/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
Victoria Avenue Active Travel Fund 2 – Phase 1 – Pedestrian Improvement Scheme Delivery and Phase 2 – Design of the Cycle Phase ref: 515712/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
Waltonwrays, Skipton - General Maintenance Works - Award of Contract ref: 515515/07/202423/07/20240
Stell Bank Replacement (North of Borrowby, Area 2) – Decision to Award ref: 515411/04/202411/04/2024Not for call-in
York & North Yorkshire Bristol City Leap Pilot (Local Net Zero Accelerator Programme) - Acceptance of Funding allocation ref: 515312/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
Procurement of Sub-Contractors for development of affordable housing on three council owned sites (Springfield Drive, Gascoigne Crescent and Poplar Grove ref: 515215/07/202424/07/20240
North Yorkshire Council Unauthorised Encampment Policy ref: 515612/07/202412/07/2024Not for call-in
Harrogate Christmas Programme 2024 ref: 515111/07/202411/07/2024Not for call-in
Anti-social Behaviour Policy and Consultation Plan ref: 515010/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
LB187-2024 Solloway / Skipton West and West Craven ref: 514910/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB186-2024 Ritchie / Woodlands ref: 514810/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB185-2024 Ritchie / Woodlands ref: 514710/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB183-2024 Phillips / Seamer ref: 514510/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB182-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 514410/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB181-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 514310/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB180-2024 Jordan / Camblesforth and Carlton ref: 514226/06/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB179-2024 Jordan / Camblesforth and Carlton ref: 514111/06/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB178-2024 Heseltine / Skipton East and South ref: 514010/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB177-2024 K Foster / Hipswell and Colburn ref: 513910/06/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB176-2024 Colling / Falsgrave and Stepney ref: 513810/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB175-2024 Barrett / Glusburn, Cross Hills & Sutton-in-Craven ref: 513710/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB174-2024 Andrews / Pickering ref: 513610/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB170-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 513503/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB169-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 513403/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB168-2024 Murday / Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale ref: 513303/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
LB184-2024 Phillips / Seamer ref: 514610/07/202419/07/2024Call-in expired
Young People's Pathway ref: 513209/07/202418/07/2024Call-in expired
Award a construction contract for the replacement of a residential block at Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre ref: 513119/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
Award a construction contract for works at Springwater School and Oak Beck House, Harrogate ref: 513027/06/202427/06/2024Not for call-in
Contract for the Provision of a Disabled Children’s Approved Providers List ref: 512909/07/202418/07/2024Call-in expired
Title: DfE Teachers Pension Employer Contribution Grant (Special Schools and Pupil Referral Units) – Funding Consultation Approval Request ref: 512804/07/202412/07/2024Call-in expired
2025/26 Dedicated Schools Grant – Funding Consultation Approval Request ref: 512704/07/202412/07/2024Call-in expired
LB173-2024 Weighell / Aiskew and Leeming ref: 512601/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB172-2024 Weighell / Aiskew and Leeming ref: 512501/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB171-2024 Ritchie / Woodlands ref: 512401/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB167-2024 Maw / Weaponness and Ramshill ref: 512303/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB166-2024 Ireton / Bentham and Ingleton ref: 512201/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB165-2024 Goodrick / Sheriff Hutton and Derwent ref: 512103/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB164-2024 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 512001/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB163-2024 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 511901/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
LB162-2024 Chance / Danby and Mulgrave ref: 511801/07/202411/07/2024Call-in expired
Anti-Virus and Malware Protection Software ref: 511711/06/202411/06/2024Not for call-in
Care Market Representative Contract ref: 511528/06/202409/07/2024Call-in expired
Children’s Statutory Complaints – Services for Stage 2 Investigations and Stage 3 Panels ref: 511601/07/202401/07/2024Not for call-in
LB161-2024 Packham / Sherburn in Elmet ref: 511427/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB160-2024 Jones / Scotton and Lower Wensleydale ref: 511327/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB159-2024 Crane / Brayton and Barlow ref: 511227/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB158-2024 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 511127/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB157-2024 Walker / Knaresborough West ref: 511024/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB156-2024 Phillips / Seamer ref: 510925/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB155-2024 Phillips / Seamer ref: 510825/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB154-2024 Knapton / Easingwold ref: 510726/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB153-2024 Knapton / Easingwold ref: 510626/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB152-2024 Knapton / Easingwold ref: 510526/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB151-2024 Knapton / Easingwold ref: 510426/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB150-2024 Knapton / Easingwold ref: 510325/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
LB149-2024 Arthur / Cliffe and North Duffield ref: 510226/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
Hard Facilities Management Water Hygiene Award of Contracts ref: 510125/06/202425/06/2024Not for call-in
Hovingham Neighbourhood Plan – Area Designation approval ref: 510025/06/202405/07/2024Call-in expired
Procurement of Contractors to carry out Minor works on 3 Properties in Harrogate area ref: 509926/06/202426/06/2024Not for call-in
Approval of West Harrogate Infrastructure Delivery Strategy (WHIDS) and update for West Harrogate Parameters Plan (WHPP) Appendix A Infrastructure Schedule ref: 509824/06/202404/07/2024Call-in expired
Procurement of System for Planning and Building Control ref: 509725/06/202403/07/2024Call-in expired
Proposed Consultation on the Implementation of a Lane Rental Scheme (LRS) for North Yorkshire Council ref: 509514/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Proposed Introduction of Zebra Pedestrian Crossing A6108 Richmond Road - Leyburn ref: 509414/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Assessment of Assets of Community Value Nomination NYCACV0043 The Crown Inn Roecliffe ref: 509621/06/202421/06/2024Not for call-in
Interim Supply of Wheeled Bins ref: 509324/06/202402/07/2024Call-in expired
Assessment of Assets of Community Value Nomination NYCACV0044 Dog and Gun, Carlton Miniott ref: 509221/06/202421/06/2024Not for call-in
LB146-2024 Staveley / Settle and Penyghent ref: 509120/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB148-2024 P Wilkinson / Romanby ref: 509020/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB147-2024 Swiers / Cayton ref: 508920/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB145-2024 Solloway / Skipton West and West Craven ref: 508820/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB144-2024 Randerson / Eastfield ref: 508720/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB143-2024 Ireton / Bentham and Ingleton ref: 508619/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB142-2024 Heseltine / Skipton East and South ref: 508519/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB141-2024 Donohue-Moncrieff / Hunmanby and Sherburn ref: 508420/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB140-2024 Donohue-Moncrieff / Hunmanby and Sherburn ref: 508320/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB139-2024 Donohue-Moncrieff / Hunmanby and Sherburn ref: 508220/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB138-2024 Dickinson / Northallerton South ref: 508120/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB137-2024 Brodigan / Ripon Ure Bank and Spa ref: 508019/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB136-2024 Brodigan / Ripon Ure Bank and Spa ref: 507919/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB135-2024 Brodigan / Ripon Ure Bank and Spa ref: 507819/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB133-2024 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 507619/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
LB134-2024 Baker / Hillside and Raskelf ref: 507719/06/202429/06/2024Call-in expired
appointment of directors to Brimhams Active Limited ref: 507524/01/202424/01/2024Not for call-in
appointment of director to Brimhams Active Limited ref: 507405/06/202405/06/2024Not for call-in
Review of Future Household Waste Collection Options ref: 507314/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Proposed response to the Department of Transport consultation on Adapting the UK Transport System to the impacts of Climate Change ref: 507214/06/202414/06/2024Not for call-in
Brownfield Housing Fund Grant Acceptance ref: 507119/06/202419/06/2024Not for call-in
Decision to undertake a procurement exercise for the adaptation and refurbishment of the former Ings Community Primary School, Skipton to create satellite SEN provision for Brooklands Special School, Skipton ref: 507019/06/202428/06/2024Call-in expired